It's been two years since the Fireflies had me and Joel captive, I really thought we were goners until he told me they gave up and that's when I knew we could start our lives over. But then Tommy told us a mysterious group has been seen nearby and they mentioned my name. I bet its the fireflies but when I told Joel, he acted as if he never heard me and walked away. I don't want to put him through this again but who else would do this for me? Nobody.

2. II

Jolting out of my sleep I rubbed the eye crust that threatened to impair my vision. “Joel?” I looked around and patted the ground, it was wet. “Shit, it must have rained on us.” Getting up I rubbed my knees and stretched. It felt like I haven't walked in years. I hate taking hour naps, cause they make me weak. They suck.


But then I noticed Joel around the bushes observing the deer that just became our dinner. “C'mere Ellie.” He told me and I rushed over. The deer was big and I knew we were going to have a feast. Scratch that, something bigger than that. If that even exists. Moments later we were roasting parts over the fire and took a few bites of what was already cooked. “This is some good stuff.” I spoke between chews, spitting out a few pieces of meat and he laughed. We also supplied the horse with food because he was our only form of transportation and I'm not gonna lie, we grew fond of him.


“I haven't heard a single thing all afternoon, even when you were asleep.” Joel told me and I followed along with every word.


“Really? Then they must not be around obviously, or maybe they got lost.” I joked and he stood silent.


“Probably, as long as they're gone and take the clickers with em' then we're fine.” He continued.


My mouth was full so I couldn't respond, I nodded in agreement. This food was too good. Half an hours passed and we downed the whole deer, damn I enjoyed myself. And his company of course. “You ready?” Joel broke my train of thought and I jumped back onto my feet. But I tried to play it off, cool... “Right now? I'm so full my tummy's about to burst. I poked my stomach and bent down, with hands on both knees. “See?”


He stared and smiled a crooked smile. “Alright then, but if we hear anything we're on the run, okay?”


“Hmm alright.” I sat back on the ground, it was still moist but I didn't care, especially with this full stomach. I could throw up with any sudden movements. I rested on my back, my head leaned on a tree trunk and I played with my hand. He just sat there, looking through his bag and the horse was asleep in no time. The feast basically killed us and I was ready for another nap until we heard movements.


“Stay there.” He whispered and got up but then a bird flew by his face and he jumped. Not gonna lie but it was one funny sight. To see him get scared shit less yanno.


“Goddammit.” He whispered through clenched teeth and I giggled to myself. He didn't hear me and I was fine with that. “What did you say?” He questioned and I stood in shock. “Um nothing really.”


“Thought so.”


This guy...Who does he think he is? I stared at him pouting and he relaxed his face.


For the rest of the night we sat in silence until we were ready to sleep and with no interruptions we did.

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