Trapped (One Direction)

Ivy Jones Is a typical teenage girl who despises the 5 boys her generation swoon over. Enjoying a typical day, she collides with a curly-mopped stranger. She looks up preparing to smart-ass the culprit to her fall, when her eyes fall upon emerald. Hypnotized by the depth they behold, her words escape her mind. Then a girl screams "Harry Styles", and she's filled with sudden hatred. Will this turn to be a simple hater-turned-lover story, or possess a twist no one could have predicted?


1. Slaps and Words



   Ugh. What possessed me to set that alarm? I mean come on, its summer, I really should change that. I got up and took my phone off the end table. 10am. I should really get up, considering one of my summer resolutions had been to run every morning. I may not be skinny. but I’m not fat either. I’m more like average, if I say so myself. Dragging myself to my wardrobe, I practically tear it apart looking for my damn workout clothes. I ran to the bathroom and put on my workout clothes. I grabbed my running shoes, phone and headphones.

   I walked out the door and down the drive. As i turned onto the sidewalk, my ears were pierced by an ear-splitting scream. Damn teenage girls I mutter. So I wouldn’t get further distracted, I untangled my headphones, and got back to jogging. About a mile down my path, just when i really started to get in that running zone, and actually run, I’m knocked down by some idiot that of course couldn’t be bothered to sidestep out of my way.Ready to go off on the imbecile, I look up, only to be mesmerized by these piercing green eyes, and chocolatey curls.


??? POV

   Trying to get away from crazy fangirls, I’m practically sprinting the block back to our hotel. As soon as I turn my head back to in front of me, i collide with, possibly, prettiest human being I’ve seen in a long time. When she looks up, her dark, dirty blonde hair cascades over her cheekbones, covering one of her elusive brown eyes. I opened my mouth to apologize, when the shriek of my name came closer. “Come with me!” I yelled over the screams coming from all the girls, I grabbed her hand and ran for the hotel. “Mind telling me where the hell you’re taking me?” she asked me. I’m about to reply, when she stops short. Having no other choice, except being trampled, I put her over my shoulder. Ignoring her protests, I start sprinting again, being extra careful not to drop her. I open the doors to the Langham Hotel in London, wait for the guards to barricade them closed, then sprint to the elevator. When we begin our trek to the top floor, I set the girl down, only to be backhanded across the face.


Ivy’s POV

   The stranger opens his mouth, only to be beat by the many yells of “Harry Styles”. Realizing who he is, I prepare to use some fairly colorful language, when he takes my hand, and pulls me behind him. “Mind telling me where the hell you’re taking me” I ask, then stop when he doesn’t answer me. He turns to face me with an exasperated look on his face. and picks me up. I struggle as he secures me over his shoulder, sprinting towards London’s main streets. He runs into a hotel, stops for a few seconds, then sprints into the elevator. When we begin moving he sets me down, and I take my chance and backhand him. “What the hell was that for?” “Oh I don’t know, probably for taking me to your hotel, against my will? That seems plausible, don’t you think?” “so I may have deserved it, but you still shouldn’t slap people without an explanation.” “Okay then, explain yourself” I looked into his emerald eyes, you could get lost in them. ‘Pull yourself together!’ I yelled at myself in my mind. Snapping out of whatever trance we were in, he begins his explanation. “So, I was running away from those crazy directioners when i ran into you. I was going to apologize, but was interrupted by their screams getting closer. So instead of leaving you there to be trampled, I pulled you up and ran. When you stopped I had no other choice but to pick you up so you wouldn’t be paralyzed by those girls. Now I’m-” I stop him in the middle of his speech, “I would’ve rather been trampled than be stuck with a boybander like you” “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Nothing except that you’re sorry excuse for music has been taking over my radio stations, when they could be playing something like Fall Out Boy or Paramore instead. You and the rest of ‘One Dimension’ are the reason why I can’t listen to the radio anymore-” “By the way, our name is ‘One Direction’.” He stopped me mid sentence. “Oh who cares what you’re sorry excuse for a band is called? I sure as hell don’t” opening his mouth to retaliate, he’s stopped by the ding of the elevator, signaling we were on his floor. We walked off the elevator, and he lead me to his door. But instead of me going in, I turned around and began walking away. He grabbed my arm and dragged me into his room. Turning around, about to scream at him, I stop when I see his other, seriously hot, bandmates staring at me from the couch.


Zayn’s POV

The door opened and all conversation stopped when Harry dragged someone in. It was a girl. A really pretty one at that. Who is she I wondered when she turned towards us and i was met by her gorgeous brown eyes. I couldn’t look away. Whoever this girl is, will be mine.


Louis’ POV

Harry just barged in the room, towing a girl behind him. What has he done now? I love my Hazza, I really do, but sometimes he does the stupidest shit. She was really pretty. The girl looked at us but her eyes stopped short where Zayn and Ni were sitting. Looking over at them, I noticed they were staring at her the same way I used to with El. Oh no.


Liams POV

    I was on the couch playing on my phone and on twitter when we all heard the door open. We all looked up to see Harry with some girl. She is cute and all, but I’m still not over Danielle. This girl has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. I looked around the room and saw that Zayn and Ni couldn’t keep their eyes off of her.


Nialls POV

I was eating crisps when I saw Harry walk in with a beautiful girl by his side. She was so pretty with her blonde hair and brown eyes. She was someone that I have never seen before. I looked down when her eyes met mine. I knew for a fact that I was blushing. She was just so beautiful, i couldn’t help it.



Authors Note

Ok so this is the first chapter of my cousin and I’s first story together. We wanna know what all of you think about the first chapter. Please comment what you think of it!

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