Trapped (One Direction)

Ivy Jones Is a typical teenage girl who despises the 5 boys her generation swoon over. Enjoying a typical day, she collides with a curly-mopped stranger. She looks up preparing to smart-ass the culprit to her fall, when her eyes fall upon emerald. Hypnotized by the depth they behold, her words escape her mind. Then a girl screams "Harry Styles", and she's filled with sudden hatred. Will this turn to be a simple hater-turned-lover story, or possess a twist no one could have predicted?


7. not a chapter

so this is going to be updated as soon as possible. We do have a ton of homework and we have been in school for like 4 weeks! But I am planning to have this story updated as soon as possible. Even if that means staying up all night to do that! If anyone has questions we will answer in the next chapter! ask away!!! Oh and just to let everyone know I have a kik its soccerchick449 if anyone wants to kik me ideas or just to talk! Oh and my birthday is in little over a month! im turning 16 guys! I cant wait for that. Have a great day peoples! LOVE YOU <3 ------------Jennifer
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