Trapped (One Direction)

Ivy Jones Is a typical teenage girl who despises the 5 boys her generation swoon over. Enjoying a typical day, she collides with a curly-mopped stranger. She looks up preparing to smart-ass the culprit to her fall, when her eyes fall upon emerald. Hypnotized by the depth they behold, her words escape her mind. Then a girl screams "Harry Styles", and she's filled with sudden hatred. Will this turn to be a simple hater-turned-lover story, or possess a twist no one could have predicted?


6. leaving and zayn

Nialls POV



 “Boy, I think it is time to let Ivy go. We can give her our numbers just incase she wants to get ahold of us. Clearly she wants to go home, and we have to respect her.” Did I just hear Louis right. He wants us to let Ivy go! This can’t be happening. I mean, she could tell everyone that we kidnapped her, that would ruin everything. She is just so pretty, I don't want another guy to take her. I don't just want to let her go, what if she never wants to see us again….. Who am I kidding, she told us the first day she doesn't like us.



 Harry’s POV



Louis wants us to let her go….. well come to think of it, it does look like we kidnapped her. But honest to god we didn’t, it’s just we didn’t want her to get hate from the fans. I really hope she will understand where we are coming from. I walked down the stairs to see Ivy sitting on the couch on her phone. It looked like twitter, but I’m not so sure. Once I got close to the couch I saw that it was indeed twitter. “Ivy.” She turned her head to look at me.



“Can I help you?” She sneered at me. She really hates us. I don’t blame her, I hate me too. “Me and the lads agreed that as of today you can leave, we see that you aren’t happy here. We kept you here because we didn’t want you to get hate from the fans. We wanted you to be safe. We are really sorry for any trouble we have caused you. We just hope you don’t hate us enough to not forgive us.” I got it all off my chest except for one little part that stays the way it should, inside my heart.



 She looked down at the ground and got up. I didn’t expect what she was going to do next. She hugged me. “Thank you for caring. I don’t have anyone in my life, other than one friend and I told her what was going on and she told me to be careful and when you guys let me go to call her and tell her so she can pick me up. I didn’t really expect any of you to be so sweet, but you are. Just thanks.” She kissed my cheek and walked away calling her friend.



 Ivy’s POV



 I can’t believe they are finally letting me leave. It was sweet of them to think of me. But I don’t fully forgive them. That will never happen. I mean NEVER. They kidnapped me for crying out loud. They may think that they didn’t but they did. They wouldn’t let me leave for anything. I’m just happy I get to go home to my own bed now. Oh you must be wondering where I slept at and how long I was there for. Well for 2 months I slept in one of the boys beds and they all took turns letting me sleep there and them taking the couch.



 I called my best friend Steph. We talked for like 5 minutes she got the hotel name and she will be meeting me behind the hotel at the back door. I walked back into the family room to get to the front door. “Bye boys!” I shouted and walked to the door. “Wait! I’ll walk you down to the elevator.” Zayn said. “All the other boys got to say goodbye and I didn’t.” He said pouting. “Fine.” I huffed and walked out.



 Zayn was still in his pajamas, he walked me to the elevator. I was about to hit the button when Zayn grabbed my hand to stop me. “I wanted to give you a proper goodbye.” Zayn leaned in to hug me, I hesitated for a moment but hugged back. “Bye Zayn, I think I might actually miss you Louis and Niall the most.” I told him. “Well, then….” He didn’t finish his sentence before I kissed his cheek. Yeah I kissed another cookie cutter pop star. Deal with it. Zayn is actually really nice and quiet. I turned my attention to the floor embarrassed.



 “Don’t be embarrassed love. It’s alright. I’ll miss you.” I didn’t think and gave him a slip of paper. “Here for you and all the boys. It was really nice of you to help me. But next time, all you need to do is hide me for maybe a week, not 2 months.” I was going to kiss his cheek one more time but he turned his head at the last second and I ended up kissing his lips. There were sparks everywhere and I had a tingly feeling going down my whole body. Zayn pulled me closer to him and deepened the kiss. What did I just get myself into!






Here you go guys. So I have had so much homework that its not even funny. I wrote Harry and Ivy's points today. I finished everything I had to do in like 15 minutes so I had time to write. My blood sugar crash dramatically this morning, so I can still barely hear anything. On the bright side I hope you guys like this chapter and story. Comment what you think!



----------Jennifer <3

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