Trapped (One Direction)

Ivy Jones Is a typical teenage girl who despises the 5 boys her generation swoon over. Enjoying a typical day, she collides with a curly-mopped stranger. She looks up preparing to smart-ass the culprit to her fall, when her eyes fall upon emerald. Hypnotized by the depth they behold, her words escape her mind. Then a girl screams "Harry Styles", and she's filled with sudden hatred. Will this turn to be a simple hater-turned-lover story, or possess a twist no one could have predicted?



ok guys. got to break this to u. me and my cousin start school again tomorrow. sorry to keep all of u waiting. this should b updated by the weekend! we love all of you that read this. but me and my cousin have writers block for awhile. I meant to post this last week, but it slipped my mind. but on a different note. if you wanna know bout me and my cuz then here is some things.


 My name is Jennifer, I want to be an English major when I get to college. im in year 10. im studying to become a physical therapist. my cousins name is Rebecca, she is in year 9, when she gets to college wants to major in either music, automotive, or fashion.


we really hope you love our story. if you wanna know anything else bout us comment what you wanna know an we will put it in the next authors note!



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