I can be your bad boy

There's a lot of things that i didn't plan to do on the summer going into my senior year. I didn't plan on losing most of my best friends just to be with one guy. As cliche as it sounds i specifically didn't plan on having romantic feelings for the bad boy.

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2. Meeting him


It was finally summer i woke up and took a quick shower washing my hair and body i got out and wrapped a towel around my body and then did the same to my hair. I went out to my room and put on my undis then some black shorts with a neon pink shirt that was short from the front and long from the back then i put on my pink toms and let my hair dry. I put on mascara and a eyeliner and graved my phone to call Renee.

Me-hey you wanna go to the lake?

Renee-Yeah let me get dressed first 


Renee-are we gonna get in  the water or just hang

Me- you can get in the water if you like but i still cant swim 


Me-ill be over in 5

I hanged up the phone and went to get something to eat , i got and apple and got my car keys and begin to drive to Renees house she lived really close to me so it didn't take me that long to get there.I got to her house and her mom let me in she gave me a hug i went over to Renees room she was doing her hair so i just sat down on her bed and turned on the t.v .

"Lets go " she said getting her phone and bag up i turned off the tv and we went to my car.

"are you as happy as i am about summer"I asked keeping my eyes on the road 

"Yes but i miss Jack"Renee said looking out the window jack was renees boyfriend i didn't like him he was just trouble.

"you can invite him if you want"I said keeping my eyes on the rode

"Really"She said knowing i didn't like him 

"Call him fast before i change my mind"I said pulling up to the lake 

"Hes on his way and his cousin is coming" she said getting out the car we went to walk around there was a park near the lake so we were just sitting there talking when jack and his cousin came up to us Renee ran up to him and jumped in his arms and then she kissed him.

"Hey , i'm david jacks cousin"He said with a smile he was cute but he looked like trouble 

"Sarah"i said and looked at my phone and texted Emily she was my cousin 

Me-hey call me !


*my phone started ringing*

"I gotta take this "I said picking up and walking away 

E-hey why did i have to call you

Me- i was stuck with renee her boyfriend and this other nigga 

we continued talking until she had to hang up i started to walk back to the park where they were when i ran into this tall guy with brown hair and brown eyes he was so cute he was running and i guess didn't see me so he fell on top of me

"Im so sorry"He said getting off of me and helped me up

"Its fine"I said brushing my dirt of my pants when i saw Renee , jack and david coming my way

"Get away from her!"I heard jack and david scream while coming to us 

"Whats you name beautiful"he asked causing me to blush

"Sarah and you?"I asked i knew he looked liked one of those bad boys but i couldn't stop talking to him 

"Justin..Look i hurt you pretty bad how about you let me take you out on a date to make up for it ?" He asked looking into my eye i got lost in his and took his phone i smiled and put my number in his phone and gave it back to him.

"Text me when and where"i said smiling at him right then jack david and renee came running up to me 

"Ill text you later today shawty"justin said looking at me then gave jack a death stare and walked away

"You cant date him sarah hes trouble "Jack said i ignored him and told renee i wanted to go home we got in the car and started to go back home i droped of renee and before she got of she said 

"Jacks right hes trouble sarah you shouldnt date him"

"You dont even know him , plus jacks trouble not him"i said

"Just be careful" She said going in her house i got to mine and went to my room 

Justin-Hey beautiful , its justin c;


Justin-you free tomorrow night ?

Me-Yeah why

Justin-Wanna go to a party with me 

Me-Yeah where at 

Justin-My friends house , ill pick you up at 7(;

Me-Okay can't wait (;

How could he be trouble hes so sweet calling me beautiful and not hot or sexy like some other guys called me , they don't even know him so why are they telling me he is ugh i need to get some sleep ans start planing for tomorrow


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