I can be your bad boy

There's a lot of things that i didn't plan to do on the summer going into my senior year. I didn't plan on losing most of my best friends just to be with one guy. As cliche as it sounds i specifically didn't plan on having romantic feelings for the bad boy.

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6. Just.Want.Sleep

"Sisi can we please watch something else this is such a girl movie!" My brother Danny complained for the thousandth time.

"Your the one that told me to put it on." I said while laughing.

"Yeah well i didn't think it'd be this girly!"

"Danny, we've seen this movie like ten times."

"Because you wanted to watch it!" He said throwing his hands around trying to make his point.

"I don't even like thinker bell!" I argued back as i got up from the couch and made my way to the kitchen.

"Liar!" I heard Danny yell from the living room.

"Whatever!" I yelled back while i walked to the freezer and pulled out the ice cream. I opened the top and left it to melt a bit and, got out the ice cream cones. I sat them next to the ice cream and pulled out my phone and scrolled threw my Facebook where i saw i had a new post on my wall from Alexis.

Slut. xo Lexi

I shook my head while i typed back a respond.

Back at cha babe ;* xx

The comments already had likes from people at school. However, nobody made a big deal about it since me and alexis fighting is one of the most regular things at our school. She's hated me since we were in seventh grade. We were actually friends before the David Anderson transferred to our school but thats a story for another time.

Once the ice cream was soft enough, i made two ice cream cones and went back to where Danny was after i put everything away. Danny was laying flat on his stomach pretending to be dead, he usually does that when he's mad at me.

"Oh darn since your dead i guess I'm going to have to eat both ice cream cones." Right when the words 'ice cream' left my mouth Danny jumped onto his feet taking an ice cream cone from my hands before saying over a hundred 'thank you's' and running up to his room leaving me alone in the living room. It was around six in the afternoon and after finishing my ice cream i watched mean girls, cleaned up the house and made dinner for me and Danny before we both called it a night.


I was walking around my room the following friday night looking for a decent dress. Today was Savannah's seventeenth birthday. Me and Renee felt bad for not hanging out with her as much so we are throwing her a party and our whole little squad where making everything remotely possible to make her birthday perfect. The party was going to be at Renee's house since hers is the biggest out of all of us and because her parents where currently out of town.

My room was practically buried under mountains of clothes. I was pretty sure i wasn't going to find anything to wear when my eyes landed on a light blue skater dress with a bow at the back. I got a pair of cream colored wedged heels, i put on a chocker neckless with a few bracelets. I did my makeup and curled my hair before getting my phone and car keys and making my way out the door.

I pulled up to Renee's drive way to say i was shocked was understanding since i totally forgot how popular both Renee and Savannah where. There was cars literally everywhere! I could hear the music from the street before it. There was also a few dozen people lurking around the front yard obviously drunk.

I made my way inside the house where the music was even louder. There was red cups all over the floor and people grinding on each other on the 'dance floor' also known as the living room. I made my to the kitchen to get something to drink, i usually don't drink but i feel weirdly different tonight.

After i chugged down my drink i got another beer and made my way to the dance floor i saw Savannah and Renee and went to dance with them. I was so lost in the music i didn't even notice when a pair of arms snaked around my waist pulling me to hard chest. I turned my head to the side and saw it was Alec who i was dancing with one of the football players from school who i totally hate. Usually if i was in my right mind i would have pushed him away and called him a pervert but, and as much as i hate to admit it i was a extremely light weigh so instead of pushing him away i turned to face him as i began grinding my hips into his. He dipped his head to the crook of my neck and began giving it open mouth kisses. I leaned my head back giving him better access to my neck but before i knew what was happening i was being pulled out of Alec's embrace and into a harder chest.

"Don't fucking touch my girl every again!" I heard a angry voice yell as the alcohol made its way deeper into my system, i didn't notice an angry Justin punching the life out of Alec.

"Justin stop!" I screamed however my voice might as well been a whisper by how load the music was. That didn't stop though, i made my over to Justin and grabbed his arm pulling him back.

"Justin please!" I yelled and somehow my voice seemed to have broke threw Justin because he let go of Alec and turned around to face me. He had a cut on his lip and on the side of his face, his knuckles where all cut up and blood was gushing out of them. I took his hand in mine interlocking our fingers and pulled him in the direction of Renee's room, she had a bathroom connected to her room and knowing her she locked the door before the party started. When we reached her room i took a bobby pin from my hair and began fiddling with the lock, after a fee tries the door swung open.

"How do you know how to do that?" I heard Justin ask from behind me.

"Renee has locked herself out of her room so many times i picked up how she unlocks it, sit on the bed ill go get the first aid kit form the bathroom." I said letting go of hid hand.

"You don't have to I'm fine."

"Your all cut up because off me." I said as i returned from the restroom with a wet towel to clean up the blood from his face. I sat down next to him and began whipping off all the dry blood. When i finished cleaning the side of his face our faces where only centimeters apart. I brought my hand to the side of his face as my other hand began whipping off the blood from his lip with the towel. I must have been to distracted to notice we didn't have space between us any more. Suddenly feeling extremely nervous i bit back my not so attractive nervous laugh. I looked up only to find Justin already starring at me. We locked eyes for a few seconds before my eyes flickered down to his lips. I don't know what took over me but suddenly i couldn't take it anymore and i crushed my lips to Justin's pushing him back on to the bed. His hands went to waist keeping me in place and my hands where tangled in his hair as we continued our heated make out session. Justin rolled us over and dipped his head into my neck giving it open mouth kisses. I wrapped my legs around his waist as i bit back a moan.

"Sarah." Justin said sitting up which caused me to sit up with him.

"Get up."

"What?" I asked

"Get up i want more ice cream." Suddenly Justin's voice didn't sound like his, but like Danny's.

"Open your eyes"

Suddenly i wasn't on Justin's lap but in my room where my little brother Danny was jumping on my bed. It was a dream. It never happened. I picked up phone to check the time only to see i had a new message.

Don't forget to dream of me (;

- Justin

How is it i only just meet him and he already managed to get under my skin, he's something else. I put my phone back on my night stand before groaning and falling back into my bed.

"Sisi my ice cream!" What did i do to deserve this.

I just want to sleep.

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