I can be your bad boy

There's a lot of things that i didn't plan to do on the summer going into my senior year. I didn't plan on losing most of my best friends just to be with one guy. As cliche as it sounds i specifically didn't plan on having romantic feelings for the bad boy.

-Being edited*


4. He's mine !

I woke up the next morning I couldn't get Justin out of my mind he had an effect on me that nobody else had. He made me feel safe , but at the same time he made me feel as if I were in danger. I feel free around him like I could do anything I wanted to , I felt wanted around him. 

I got out of bed went downstairs to get something to eat then I gave my cat some food and went outside to feed my dog. My mom was at work and my brothers were still asleep since it was just 12 they don't wake up until late. I pulled out my phone and called Renee.


me:good your up , lets go to the park ?

her:sure pick me up in 10 ? 

Me:alright bye 


I went up to my room and got ready for the park , I put my hair in a lose dun and added a bow at the back of my head like I always do. I decided to wear my black shorts and a batman crop top with my batman vans. I went to brush my teeth and went downstairs I got a sticky note and a sharpie and wrote down.

Went to the park with Renee , be back soon Sarah xx-

I put the note on the kitchen table got my car keys and sunglasses and headed for Renee's house. She was already outside she had her long dark brown hair down in lose and natural and was wearing a light blue romper with summer sandals. The park was only about 2 minutes awayfrom where we lived so I didn't take long to get there. Once we were pulling up I noticed the two girls at the swing Alexis and Jessica. "Look who's here Renee" I motioned over to the swings so she would know who I was talking about "ha I left all there shit in school , it's summer and I'm not letting the plastic twins mess it up for me" we were getting out of the car and going over to the volley ball area which was on the other side of the park when my phone rang.

Me:hey Justin 

justin:hey shorty what's up

me:nothing at the park with my best friend , you ?

justin:at the park to , your over by the volleyball area right ?

me:yeah where are you ?

justin:at the swings i just saw you walk over there , but I wasn't sure it was you so I wanted to call you and make sure before I went over there.

me:ha yea it's me ,I'll go over there I left my bag in my car anyways.

justin:alright , oh and I had a good time yesterday 

me:ya me to it was fun

 justin:ha yeah well see you in a bit shawty 

I looked over to the swings to try and find where we was. "Hey Renee um so justin just told me that he's at the park to , can we please hangout with him please" I gave her my puppy dog eyes "fine but can I invite jack to come" i nodded my head and we began to walk over to where Justin was he was talking to two girls it didn't take me long to realize who they were. As i keeped walking closer and closer to them I was getting more angry by the moment , I don't understand he's not even mine and I'm already getting extremely jealous because he was talking to them. "Hey shorty"he pulled me in for a hug and when he was about to pull out of the hug the jealousy took over my body I wanted to show them he was mine. I landed my lips on his I was nervous of what he would think but he didn't complain. He's lips moved with mine in sync perfectly he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to his body as my hands flew up to his hair he licked my bottom lip asking for permission I didn't let him in instead I pulled away and kissed his cheek. "Damn Sarah you don't even know him and are already all over him I guess once a hoe always a hoe"I could tell Alexis was taken over by jealousy "if we didnt knew each other do you think he would've let me kiss him ? You should really start using that brain of yours babe , I don't matter how small it is it'll make you look a least a little less stupid but i wouldn't count on it" I could tell justin chuckled a little bit at my comment since he hid his face behind my head as his arm went around my waist pulling me closer to him. "At least I'm not a nerd" "ha I'd rather be a nerd than the plastic slut of the school" Renee soon joined me followed by jack "hey look babe it's the plastic twins "I could Tell that Justin was cunfused at the whole situation that was going on "you know what lets go Jess I don't have time for this " and with that they left I looked over at Renee who was already starting to walk off with jack , "hey Justin this is my best friend Renee and her bf jack" I said making them turn around they exchanged hellos and walked of "so what was that about" said Justin I could see his big sneers on his face "what do you mean "I asked hopping he didn't realize I was jealous"you know you were jealous that I was talking to them that's why you where saying all those stuff to them" he wrapped his around me and whispered in my ear"you want me as much as I want you" he kissed my neck and keeped leavening little bit marks on it  . He kissed my cheek and then whispered in my ear "just be mine already " 


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