I can be your bad boy

There's a lot of things that i didn't plan to do on the summer going into my senior year. I didn't plan on losing most of my best friends just to be with one guy. As cliche as it sounds i specifically didn't plan on having romantic feelings for the bad boy.

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5. Cleaver Bad Boy

A/N hey guys I'm so sorry for the YEAR wait, i just wasn't feeling this story. Also i just got a new computer like seriously last month i also totally forgot about i can be your bad boy. Mainly because i honestly don't like it but, i will keep updating until it is finished. I have also improved on my writing skills and i will have an updating schedule. Which will be tuesdays & fridays. Thank y'all all for your support. xo (: p.s i know this is a short chapter but the rest will be longer (:

"No no." I said nervously as i pulled out of Justin's embrace. Don't get me wrong Justin's an amazing guy but its to soon. Yes i did kiss him but i didn't mean to something just took over me. I mean of course i felt something hell i felt something i didn't think was remotely possible! But, i just cant.

"Your kidding right?" I could hear the shock in his voice.

"No its all going to fast." I shook my head about to turn and walk off but before i had the change Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me back against his chest.

"If you where going to say no then why the hell did you kiss me back there and at the party." He pulled my body closer to his as his head dipped down to my neck and his lips started to gaze my neck. He left a few tender kisses on my neck before saying.

"And why are you letting me do this." He continued leaving love bites on my neck and, before i could let out any words to object a very familiar voice broke me out of the bad boys trance.

"Sarah lets go your mom needs you to babysit!" I jumped out of Justin's embrace and before he could say anything i ran to where Renee was. Before we were out of sight i heard Justin yell.

"Don't forget to cover up that hickey wouldn't want you to get in trouble baby doll!" My cheeks flushed red as i turned around and saw his signature smirk before he walked off the other way.

Cleaver bad boy.

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