Paris Anna Smith is a normal Middle school age girl. When she meets two guys with her best friend jasmine, they get invited to a college party. Little did she know that they weren't their age, they were actually college guys. When she and Harry, one of the college boys, start dating she ends up getting pregnant by him and her parents do not approve of her dating a guy who is 5 years older than her. What will happen then? Read to find out!


3. Chapter 3

Paris's pov:

"Are we going?" I asked jasmine. 

"I'm not sure. I don't think our parents will let us go." She replied. 

I let out a loud huff threw the phone. 

"Jas, that's why we don't tell them." I said. 

"We'll, what are we going to say to get out of the house?" She asked. 

This girl is wanna know and gotta know. 

"I guess we can say that we're going to that we are going to that learners convention." I said. 

"That's good, but what if the party gets broken up by the police and-" 

I cut her off. 

"Jas, it'll be fine, be ready at 8:30. Ill be outside your house waiting." I said and hung up. 

I am a little nervous about the party, but I really wanna see harry again, he seemed like a really nice guy. 

I just hope he doesn't find out about my age. What will he think then? Will he hate me? Hate the truth? 

I signed and walked to my closet, I slowly opened it and looked inside. 

I pulled out a small red dress that had the no back. I slipped it on and slid on my black heels. 

I redid my makeup a bit and looked in the mirror pleased. Will my mother by my outfit? Learners convention. It wasn't going to look right with this outfit. 

I decided to tell my mom that I was going to a concert. Ed sheeran's concert. 

Jasmine had got two tickets to go but have them away. But my mother didn't know when it was or that she had given them away. 

I fluffed my curly hair a little and shined my braces in the mirror. 

I look way older than I am. Way older! I mean I have the body of a 19 year old. 

Slightly tall. 36D in the chest area. Pretty good looking in the rear. Slightly slim.

I had the body that all the girls wanted, and the guys. 

I've had many men hit on me, search my body and grab me. 

So in men's words of saying it, I'm attractive. 

I walked down the steps to find my mother in the den cleaning the carpet.

"Hey mom, I'm going to that Ed sheeran concert with jas tonight." I said to her as she looked up at me. 

"Don't you think you look like your going to a party more than a concert." She said looking at my attire. 

Oh no, she's on to me. Think Paris. Think. 


"Mom. I have only one friend, or close friend anyway, and I'm a 12 year old girl, where did you get that idea." 

"Good point. I trust you. Alrighty have fun!" She said leaning in to place a kiss on my forehead. 

"Are you walking to jas, or you want me to drive you?" She asked. 

"I'll walk. It's fine." I said flashing her a convincing smile. 

I grabbed my phone and walked onto my porch. 

"Yes!" I whispered. 

I walked onto the sidewalk and walked a block to jasmines house. 

When I arrived carrying my heels, because I didn't want to get blisters when I haven't arrived at the party yet. 

Jasmine was standing by her mailbox in a light blue crop top and dark blue sailor shorts. She had on a white head band and white heels. 

She looked totally adorable. 

"You look sexy." She said winking and laughing. 

"We'll you look cute!" I said, smirking at her. 

*25 minutes later*

Jasmine and I finally reached the party after walking and talking. 

I saw two drunk guys laying on the porch knocked out of the world. 

A couple going at it on the driveway(with clothes on of course). And two girls chatting by the door. 

I followed jasmine into the party and started to look for Harry and Niall. 

I felt someone come  up behind us and put their arms around our necks. 

"Ladies you arrived." Said a almost sober Niall. 

"Niall, are you okay?" Jasmine asked. 

"Yea, just a little excited ill be going into my junior year of college. Oh and Paris?" He said in more of a question. "Harry's over there." He said pointing to a guy with a mop of curls turned around with girls all over him. 

Great. He's a ladies man. Of course he doesn't want me. 

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