Make a wish

Megan and Lilly are two sisters who are having a hard life.
Both their parents died in a car crash, from then on the girls needed to take care of themselves.
When everything seems to go ''well'' again...5 years later, Lilly got diagnosed with cancer.
Megan is taking care of her in the hospital and praying to god that she'll make it.

What happens when a company, established to let sick children have a day out of the hospital, just to forget everything about their disease for awhile, comes to their hospital and make Lilly's wish come true....


1. Prologue

I was sitting on the end of my sisters hospital bed, the bed where she is in for almost a month now.

5 weeks ago, my little sister started about a unbearable pain in her stomach, I got worried and took her to the nearest hospital. The doctors checked on her and told us she had cancer.

They wanted her to stay in the hospital, so they could immediatly start the chemo therapy

now, 3 weeks later she lost all her beautiful blond locks and is sometimes wearing a wig, but she preferes to not wear it at all.


She is now laying here, sleeping peacefully in her hospital bed.

I hear the beeping of all the machine's that are attached to her heart.

My poor baby.

And through all of this, she still managed to stay strong.

She's only 9 years old, I'm terrified she'll never reach her 10th birthday.

That can't happen, she is so young, she's got a whole life ahead of her.

I smiled at myself, how can I be so negative about this, off course she is going to make it, the docters are much smarter and further than they were in the past.

But still, I have to spend as much time with Lilly as I can.

I'm living for the moment, trying to except the fact that maybe my sister will never walk out of this hospital again, saying 'I kicked your butt, cancer!!!'  But I can't except that, I'll never forgive myself if my sister would die, I would be devastated.


''I need to think positive.'' I thought to myself.

My sister is going to make it, she's going to kick cancer's butt, she's strong, where going to get through this, together.

These positive thoughts really helped me, feeling a little bit better.

I smiled at my little sister, still sleeping on her hospital bed.

She's going to be so beautiful when she grows up, she'll get all the guys after her.

Even now, without her hair, she still looks beautiful, maybe even more beautiful than the time where she still had her hair. That's because she is stronger now and ready for the world.

If she can beat cancer, than she is strong enough to handle everything in the world.

Me on the other hand, I'm nothing special, I'm not popular at school, I have some friends but not many, I'm not beautiful, I'm just a regular girl, I'm fat, I'm ugly... If you compare me to my sister, than I'm nothing.


Right then, the doctor came in, getting me out my train of thoughts.

It was the same doctor who told us the news about Lilly having cancer.

''The operation went fine, there were no applications.'' He told me

''Oh thank god, that's great news.'' I said to him, relieved

''Unfortunately, miss Parker will need a lot more operations and chemo therapy's'' The doctor said to me with sorrow.

''Yes, I was expecting that doc, but she will be fine in the end, right?'' I asked him with hope in my voice.

The doctor looked at me. ''I really can't say anything about her condition now and then, Miss.'' He said to me.

''If you have any more questions, just ask me.''

''But make sure she'll get enough sleep.''

I thanked him and with that he exited the room.

''You'll be fine baby.'' I whispered to my little sister.

I kissed her softly on the forehead and soon drifted off to sleep as well.

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