Make a wish

Megan and Lilly are two sisters who are having a hard life.
Both their parents died in a car crash, from then on the girls needed to take care of themselves.
When everything seems to go ''well'' again...5 years later, Lilly got diagnosed with cancer.
Megan is taking care of her in the hospital and praying to god that she'll make it.

What happens when a company, established to let sick children have a day out of the hospital, just to forget everything about their disease for awhile, comes to their hospital and make Lilly's wish come true....


3. Niall wants a girlfriend.

Megan's POV:


I was woken up by my sister.

''Meg, wake up!'' Her adorable high voice said to me.

''Hey babe, how are you feeling?'' I asked her.

Lilly smiled widely. ''I'm good, the doctor said the operation went well.''

I smiled back. ''I know, the docter told me the same earlier, that's great news!'' I told her happily.

Lilly started giggling. ''What's so funny?'' I asked her curiously.


''Nothing, the docter just told me a company acomplished for children with a disease will be comming to our hospital to make our biggest wish come true.''


''Ooohhh, that sounds exciting!'' I said to her with a smile plastered on my face.

''Do you already know what you're wish will be?'' I asked her

She giggled. ''Yes,I already know!''

''Oh then, tell me!''


She leaned in close, and whispered in my ear. ''I want One Direction to come over and sing their songs to me.''

Did I forgot to tell you that my 9-year old sister is a huge fan of One Direction, she knows EVERYTHING about them, their height, birth date, shoe size, their second name, bad habits, everything, even their.... uhm.... penis size, no joke! She's 9!

She wants me to become a directioner too, but I don't like them that much, don't get me wrong, I mean they are handsome young lads, but I'm just not a fan of their music.


But I'm happy if my sister will really get to meet them, she's been a fan of them since they auditioned for the X factor. And I think a 9-year old fangirl is kinda cute :3


I laughed. ''Well, let's just hope your wish will come true.''

My sister laughed with me. ''If you believe in your dreams, then they always come true.'' she said to me.

Lilly is such an inspiration to me, that may sound weird because I'm much older than her, but it's true, I admire how she is managing to stay strong and be full of joy, even though she is having an extremely dangerous disease, and needs to undergo a lot of operations and chemo therapy's.

I love my little sister and I always will.




''I love you, you know that right?''

''Yes, I know and I love you too Meggiebear.''

I smiled at the nickname she gave me.

''Now, go get some sleep, you know what the doctor told us.''

''Yes, I know.'' she groaned.

''Sleep well, my little cupcake.''

''thanks, meggie.'' And she was already half-asleep.

I left her alone in her hospital room and went out to get some coffee.


Niall's POV:

The boys and I were getting ready for our interview in Liverpool.

''Boys, hurry up, otherwise we'll get late!'' I yelled up the stairs.

''Yes yes yes!'' Harry yelled, comming down the stairs, only wearing a towel to cover him up.

''Ahhh, man. Go put some clothes on!'' I said to him, getting a bit annoyed.

''I will, calm down mate.'' He went back upstairs and came back 5 minutes later, dressed and all.

''Good, so where are the other lads?'' I asked him.

''They are on the phone talking to their girlfriends.'' Harry stated simply.

I sighed. ''When is it finally my time to get a girlfriend.'' I thought.

''I'm the only one in the band who haven't had a relationship since One Direction was set up.


''Harry, do you think something is wrong with me, because I haven't had a girlfriend since the start of One Direction.

Harry stared at me in disbelief. ''Niall, off course not, you never had a girlfriend before because you are waiting for the one, your princess, there is nothing wrong with that.''

''You will get a girlfriend, you just have to find her first. And I'm sure she is walking around somewhere.'' Harry said to me with a smile on his face.


''Thanks mate.'' I said to him in my irish accent.

''Anytime, man.'' Harry winked at me.


''SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT GUUUYYYSSS!!!'' Louis yelled through the house.

''We can go now, Liam and Zayn are comming down in a minute.'' Louis said.

''Alright then, let's go to the interview. said Harry

Once in Harry's car, I thought about what Harry said to me earlier.

''You will get a girlfriend, I'm sure she is walking around somewhere.''


I really hope he is right, I want to find my princess, and fast.

I'm tired of answering the same question the same way as I do for almost 3 years now.

''Niall, are you still single?''

And then you need to answer the same way as I always do.

I just want to be able to say;

''No, I'm not single anymore, I have a girlfriend who I love with whole my heart.''


What if the girl of my dreams lives on the other side of the world, and I will never meet her.

What if she lives here in the UK?

What would the name of my future girlfriend be?

What would she look like?

What is she doing at the moment?

Does she have brothers or sisters?

When will I meet the girl of my dreams?

Or did I meet her already and I have no idea about it?

All these stupid guestions came accros my mind.

pffff.... who am I kidding, even if I will ever find a girlfriend, I will never reach her standards.

I'm not worth it, having a girlfriend.

I wil stay....niall.... single forever... helloooo NIALL!! Earth to niall!!

I shot out of my thoughts by Liam yelling my name.

''Everything alright, mate?'' Liam asked me.

''Yes, everything is alright, sorry I was just thinking.''

Liam looked at me worriedly but then shrugged it off.

''Alright... well come with us then, we reached our destination.''

I sighed one last time. ''I'm comming.'' I said and followed Liam and the other boys to the entrance of the building where our interview would be held.

''This will be fun.'' I mumbled to myself in a sarcastic tone.




Sooo... this was the second chapter, please let me know what you guys think.

I need your feedback.

also... favorite and like this movella.

Thanks! byeeee xo











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