more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


22. What do we do?

Harry's POV


What the hell am I going to do when Maya wake up and realizes that I am staying at her house?? Well, hopefully she remembers at least some of last night...


"Morning." Danny yawns, going to the fridge to get some breakfast. 


"Morning." I return, nodding once and checking my phone. 


"Hey, was Maya okay when you found her? By the time I got back you guys were home and she was passed out in her room."


"Yeah, she was a bit too wasted if you ask me. She thought Liam's name was Leeroy or some shit and called you Dana." Danny releases a small laugh, suddenly stifling it when she looks behind me. I turn to see Maya herself, arms folded and a hangover that is clearly seen. 


"Why are you in my house again Styles? I don't recall saying you could stay. So, if you want me to kick you out on your ass then please, by all means continue making fun of me from when I was wasted last night." I clamp my mouth up and give a mocking scared expression, which failed to make her laugh. 


"I am going to go take a shower... This is overly awkward..." Danny says, backing out of the room quickly. I look back over at Maya, whose face hasn't softened. 


"Oh come on Maya.... We can't pretend we didn't get along last night."


"I was drunk off my ass Styles, it's justified." I roll my eyes and hop off the high chair, facing her. 


"Can we at least try to be friends? I know, I know you would rather shoot me in the face than trust me again. But all I am asking is to be friends. To start over; might as well right?" She sighs, looking away and grudgingly nodding. 


"I need to go down and workout. You need to train?" She sighs, looking at me with a glimmer in her eye. 




"Styles, it's a friendly gesture. If we are trying to be friends and you're staying at my house, I wanted to be polite and let you come to the training center in the basement. I never offer Danny because she honestly couldn't handle the amount of weapons that are down there but you're clearly capable of proper training." I purse my lips and check my watch.


"It's only 10...But what the hell. Might as well." She gives a forced smile and nods her head towards the door, showing me the way downstairs.





Sweating, I collapse down on the mat with Maya's breathy chuckles from feet away. It's been about 2 hours and Maya insisted we 'cage match' the second half, and I being the idiot I am said yes. Cage match in our training was basically using our martial arts and fighting skills to test what we need to improve on. 


"Jesus how the hell are you so good at fucking cage matching??" I pant, tiredly sitting up. She gulps down water and laughs again afterwords, rolling her eyes for about the 7th time within the last hour. 


"I've got a lot of spare time. Some times I hire people to help me practice. Sometimes I just use a punching bag. But damn Styles, you're slacking!" She criticizes me and sets the water bottle down. 


"Ha ha, you're hilarious. Danny's bound to be wondering where the hell we are, we should get upstairs." Without hesitation, she is up the flight of stairs and already in her kitchen. I slowly make my way up, and pause at the door when I see Maya next to Reagan. The blonde's hands are shaking with a mix of fear and anger, and she has her phone out.


"What is it?" I ask immediately.


"I think it's Jake."


Maya's POV


"I was just laying on the couch with Michael when this damn text ruined everything." She lifts up the phone for us to read the text that was sent to her by an unknown number.


"Looking pretty cozy there Reg. Unlike your little pal Maya, and that dick Harry. But I wouldn't stay too comfy for long babe... I'm watching you, and all your little friends. Good thing you've got Harry yourself and Maya to make sure you're protected...right? See you soon blondie" What the hell?? 


"I'm almost too sure that it's Jake." Reagan states, taking it away and putting it in her pocket. 


"How the hell did he even know where you were?! We have lived here with no freaking problems for two god damn years and suddenly he is creeping in on you and Michael just laying on the couch!?" I yell a bit angrily, overly confused for once in this kind of situation. I turn to Harry, and narrow my eyes.


"Why aren't you acting like this isn't a surprise? Oh my fucking god. You knew. You knew already didn't you? You've got a lot of fucking explaining to do before I break your neck Harry."


Danny's POV


I come down the stairs and stop before I go into the kitchen when I hear Reagan, Maya, and Harry talking. 


'I'm almost too sure that it's Jake." Reagan's nervous voice says and I furrow my eyebrows. Jake?


"How the hell did he even know where you were!? We have lived here with no freaking problems for two god damn years and suddenly he is creeping in on you and Michael just Laying on the couch??" I widen my eyes and cover my mouth, afraid their trained ears would pick up on my heavy breathing and stop talking about this. This Jake guy must be the guy Harry's enemies with, the one they fought against. 


"Why aren't you acting like this isn't a surprise? Oh my fucking god. You knew. You knew already didn't you? You've got a lot of fucking explaining to do before I break your neck Harry." Maya threatens, making me lean in a bit more and listen carefully; I know for a fact they wouldn't tell me or anyone the full truth, so I need to hear what's exactly going on, with no sugarcoating. 


"He's been... Jake's been on our tail for years. He's got everywhere you've ever been on surveillance. Same with me; the only places he doesn't have are in your actual homes. That's actually why I came here in the first place; we need to stop him, once and for all. He couldn't handle just giving up like that, and he wants to get us when he thinks we don't notice. Jake knows everything there is to know about all of us now; where we live, who are friends are, what we do on the fucking weekend, hell probably even what our favorite pizza takeout is. We never got rid of our tracks, we didn't eve switch identities for our protection! Now they know who Danny is, who Liam is, who Ava and Michael are, and probably who that guy who's your friend, Brad, is!" Harry tells them and I use the wall for support. Jake, this guy who has a vendetta over my friends, knows everything about all of us. Have I met him before??? Is, is he living here and we don't even know it??  


"Why the hell did you not bring it up until now!?!?!" Maya yells angrily at him, and I hear her arm slap his chest roughly. 


"Ow! Would you calm down?? I didn't want to bother you with the information! And to be blunt we literally just started to get along again, I wasn't about to get you pissed off-- which now you are anyway-- while we were starting to be friends! I was going to tell you, and you Reagan, about the damn situation I just wished it was when you were calm or I dunno happy!" He yells back at her, and I analyze the situation. This Jake guy is out for revenge, he's been watching us all for the past two years. He knows almost everything about us and somehow will use us for his vendetta against Harry, Maya, and Reagan. The questions are, will and if so when will he strike? What will he do? 


"Well what are we going to do about it??" Reagan's voice is heard clearly, and I shut my eyes in concentration so I don't miss a single word of their plan. 


"Nothing, You two are going to do nothing. I am going to find out who we can and can't trust, then figure out where that fucker is. Once I can find him I am going to kill him. Simple as that." I cover my mouth from gasping loudly and from shouting that he could get locked up for murder. But, then I stop myself from panicking; he's probably killed before. And by the silence coming from my two friends, they know nothing will change his mind.


"Harry stop being a protective fucking douche-bag. You taught us all you know, we are fighting this fight too. I'm sorry if you disagree but I hate him just as much as you do; he tore us apart so quickly, and gets into your skin with just a few words. Just imagine what he would say about Liam or Danny, or possibly do to Ava Brad and Michael, to get you unfocused. He can and will use our own selves against us, and the moment you are distracted he will strike and end you. So, whether you like it or not, I am helping. Reagan can if she wants too. We all started this, let's end it." Maya says as if she was giving a motivational speech to hundreds of soldiers before a battle, and I shut my eyes as images pop in my head. Maya getting shot, Harry getting beaten, Reagan dying. All are strong possibilities now that they've declared to fight Jake back as of now. And the fact that she mentioned each of our friends, including myself, makes me a bit angry. Who does this Jake guy think he is?? 


"God Dammit... Fine. Fine Fine, you can help. We're gonna have to train somehow though. We will need to get Danny out out the house, she'll hear the guns each training session and get suspicious." Harry tells them, and I wish I could slap him. I am perfectly fine here, thank you very much Harry! 


"School's starting in less than a month Harry, she'll be there with Brad, and Ava, And Michael right Reg?" Shit, I forgot about school. Damn, I hate being the youngest of my friends! I mean I know Brad, Michael, and Ava will be there but still... now they can leave me in the dirt again. Not to mention that I'm pregnant! What will I do when I'm all alone at school?? Ava sure as hell wouldn't have my back, maybe Michael and Brad but that wouldn't help too much. 


"Yeah... Styles don't look at me like that he got held back in kindergarden because of his mum!" I wish I could see what Harry had done, but if I do that I'll never be trusted by them again for listening in on their talk.  



"Alright then, we will make sure Danny isn't in the house and we will train then and in the afternoon we can train in hand to hand combat." I roll my eyes and when I hear footsteps near the stairs, and quickly get up to the bathroom, staying in there for a little bit until I know it would be okay for me to come out. 


Ava's POV


I stared the plain wall as I lay on my bed, gathering my jumbled thoughts. I paint my thoughts onto the wall in my head before I shut my eyes. Why? 


Why did they choose Danny? Why does every damn person choose her? Because she's innocent and young? I'm young?! god damn it she's not innocent either; I think Jordan took that with him when he left. I feel like almost everyone I love, leaves me for... her


I mean Maya and I... We were unseperable! We did everthing together, everything. We were best friends... No, sisters. But instantly, she was in Danny hands; Slipping out of mine. She was there for Danny when I needed her most. Well maybe Danny needed her more but Maya was my support system! My best friend. My Maya. Ever since she has been with Danny, she looks at me different like I was a.. stranger. As if she didn't know who I was as, as if I was just another face in a crowd. Then she turns and looks at that stupid bitch, smiling and laughing. Danny even lives with her now, and that's something she would have never let me do. My hell we couldn't even have sleep-overs at her place!! Then-- Then, she tells Danny about her past after only being close friends for a couple weeks, when she didn't even tell me for years. I've told her EVERYTHING there is to know about me! It's almost like she wasn't who I thought she was. Like she was all apart of some cruel act, a prank even, and was just acting like she gave a damn until someone better came along. Someone who wasn't another cheerleader, someone who was her opposite, someone who could handle her dirty little secrets. I can handle her freaking secrets! I was the only one who didn't care that she used to kill people with Reagan and Harry because she was my friend, and the past is the past! But no, I guess I wasn't ever good enough for her to confide in. 


Then we have the man I love. The man who loved Danny her whole life, and confesses his love for her only for her to reject him! I come in thinking he deserved better thinking maybe I could be the better. The better for him. I gave him parts of me no one else knew about. I loved him every time he gave me a reason to think he didn't love me in return, I put all of my love into him, us, not leaving any for myself, hoping that one day he would love me for real too. For a while I almost thought he did... But I was a fool in love. I thought that his love was for me... but it almost always bounced off of me... to the same person. Danny. I even thought for a while maybe he was doing that for a reason to make me leave him. Then why didn't he let me? Why didn't he try so hard to keep me? Those were the questions that gave me hope, kept our-- well my love for him alive. But that's long gone now. Now I'm just counting the hours tell he gives into to her. Until he screws up. I took off my mask for him, I fell for him... I let myself give in. But I see the way he looks at her, the way his eyes light up when she's around. The way he closes his eyes and smiles when she talks, they way he covers his face and blushes when she laughs, the way he relied on her. I knew this because it was what happened to me when he talked, or comes in the room, or even when something reminds me of him, the why I relied on him.. I believed for a minute I was just jealous but then he sacrificed everything, everything for her. Something he couldn't do for me. I gulp fighting back tears as close my eyes and taking a deep breath.


And why does Reagan feel like she has to protect her same with.. this Harry guy? I bite my nails as I cross my legs, she's Danny that's why. That will always be fucking why. Just because she's Innocent, young, and perfect. I was just me. That pretty face in the corner. Not glowing amazing goddess Danny. Nope, never. That girl whose name you forgot, the girl in the back of the picture, the girl who was always second choice.



I was sick and tired of losing not only everyone I love but myself. I was tired of thinking I was a burden. Sick of every time I close my eyes, feeling like I'm an outsider. Tired of not feeling good enough. Tired of getting pushed away. Yes, she had her reasons to be the center of attention, the main focus, but don't you think she almost allowed it to go on? Allowed it to go on too long? Allowed herself to sink. It's almost like she didn't even try. She could have ended it with Jordan and learned how to protect herself. Could have stopped everyone's pain. Could had saved herself and liam. But maybe it's better off that this did happen, maybe, maybe this is all just a chapter in my life. But how could that be so if it felt like it been like this Forever?


I cry softly watching teardrops fall onto the silk pillow I held tightly. I almost had a heart attack as a loud knock on my front door.


"Coming!" I wipe away my tears and clean up my face before going to get the door. When I open it, the shock of who was there almost made me trip over the shoe mat. 


"'Sup Ava, how's life as an outsider of the group been? My experience so far has been just Grand." Brad jokes with a sarcastic tone, and I can't help but smile.


"It hasn't been the best. Come on in." I move out of the way for him and he goes to the couch, flopping on it and propping his feet up as if he lived here. But it didn't bother me. I knew exactly what he meant when he asked how it felt... because her used to be an outsider. He still kind of is. We all loved brad don't get me wrong it's just until now we had no real connection or anything really he was just... Brad? He was always attractive but he always blended in with every one and until now I also hadn't realized how beautiful his smile was, or his laugh.


"So what brings you here?" I say, walking over to the kitchen. I grab a coke and then go to the cupboards, snatching one of my parents beers for brad. I wasn't ever really a fan of beer. I then walk out into the living room, handing brad the beer as he mutters thanks. I sit on the couch and cross my legs, ruffling my hair.


"You." He simply replies. He opens his beer and takes a drink as I squint my eyes.


"You see we're the same. We were both the favourites once, then replaced." What? How did he know that? Was he really there through all this too?? Shit! 


"Okay?" I say moving along the conversation as brad grins. 


"Somethings going on." Brad says almost so softly it's almost a whisper. 


"What? You mean between us and the rest of the gang?" I tease, getting no reaction from him. Brad digs into a brown bag I had failed to notice earlier as he throws two small cameras onto the small table in front of the couch.


"Okay what are these for?" 


"I don't know." Brad says with a bit of fear in his eyes. 


"What the hell Is happening I'm confused." I say, not getting to the point he was trying to make.


"Someone put these up in my place. I'm almost positive there's more." What!? Why would anyone spy on Brad like that? Like for real?! I scratch my head as brad looks at me, waiting for a repsonse.


"Any ideas who it might be?" He shrugs. 


"It has to be someone in the group. They are the only ones who actually know where I live other than you. I think it was that nee Harry guy. After all, he is the most likely to spy on any if all of us." Brad unsurely states.


"Yeah I guess..." I bite my lip trying to figure this all out. What if.. What if we're on tape right now?! I take a deep breath.


"So me and you?" Brad says out of no where. What did he mean?


"What?" I say for about the thousandth time tonight. This is probably why I didn't pay much attention to brad; he was so hard to figure out.


"I mean you and me have to stick together. By ourselves we are worthless, but together we are much stronger. I'm strong and I can read people easily. You know how to lie and make people fall in love with you." Ouch the last part was definitely referring to me and Liam. But I chose to ignore it, knowing brad isn't the best with words. 


"Okay, okay." Before letting him speak I quickly finish,


"Wait! One condition. Maya and mostly Liam are not going to get hurt." He nods.


"Promise." He stands up, tossing his beer in the trash and walking towards the door. He opens it but before closing says,


"see you around partner." Smirking, he shuts the door and I could have sworn I think I blushed... what'shappening to me? 



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