more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


9. The test

Maya's POV 

*Phone vibrates* 

From Danny:

Maya, I need you to come over now, ASAP. 

I raise an eyebrow at the new text from Danny, putting down my bag from Cheer practice and rushing to get my keys. When Danny says that she needs someone, it must be pretty bad. I drive over to her house, thinking that maybe she wants to know how 'Lava', Ava and Liam, happened. I barely know though, so I won't be much help in THAT. Sure, Ava's my best friend, but I haven't really gotten the chance to have her to myself; she's always either with Liam or texting him at Cheer. I remember back when it was just that easy; texting a boy and flirting, liking someone who likes you back. I shudder at the thought and push it to the back of my mind. No, never again will you think of boyfriends, my conscience scolds me.


"Maya." Danny sighs, pulling me in the house and biting her lip as she brings me to her room. She quietly shuts the door, eyes darting towards the bed. I furrow my eyebrows, confused and curious as to what this could be about. Tears form in her eyes and she looks at her lap, playing with her hands and whispers,


"He used me, Maya. I don't know who else I could tell about this, but I can trust you." I realize now what this is about; Jordan. I gasp when I read from the way she was expectantly looking me what 'used me' was. Before I could respond, her sleeve is lifted up, revealing several scars. I wipe a scared tear from my face, stuttering,


"D-Does... Does anyone else know? Liam? Reagan?" She licks her lips, shaking her head.


"You're the first." She whispers.


"Danny, did you do this to yourself or did Jordan do this??" I demand, anger boiling up. How DARE someone hurt my friend!


"I.....It was me.." She trailed off before she lifted her shirt, revealing other badly bruised marks. I cover my mouth, almost sick to my stomach that she kept this to herself for so long. She explained every detail of what has happened with Jordan, and how she refused to tell Liam, in a crying mess and I sit there, each detail shocking me more than the last.


"Danny, you don't think you're... Pregnant... Do you?" Her face as I concernedly asked her turned pale and I gasp again, knowing her answer.


"Stay here." I suddenly say, getting up.


"W-Where are you going?" She worriedly says.


"Well, I was going to go find Jordan and kick his bloody arse, but then I figured that I'm just a weak Cheerleader. So, you are stay here, DON'T MOVE, and I'm going to go get a test for you." She weakly smiles, trusting that I can help her. But seriously if he even makes an appearance in my face I'll kill him, I mean it. I go to the nearest drug store. I quickly bring a box up to the register and the clerk raised an eyebrow at me. I get really anxious and snap,


"What?? I'm a whore okay??" He backs off, raising both hands and letting me purchase the box. I exit the store, heading towards the car when someone calls my name.


"Maya!?" Damn, it was Ava and Liam. They come over, noticing the box in my hand. My eyes widen larger than theirs as Ava eyes remain on the box. Liam, blushing, looks down at his feet.


"Who are THOSE for?? I didn't even think you were off the market!" I go back to my anxious state and don't really know what I'm saying.


"W-Well, um, recently, while you are lovey dovey with prince charming over here, I've been sort of whoring around. A lot. With several different men, no dating you know me, I don't do that shit. And, you know, I was at Danny's and s-she thought I should check and see if I have a bun in the oven. I was nervous, so she, agreed to, you know, take one with me," Liam's eyes widen and Ava doesn't notice his fists clenched at his sides.


"BUT S-She's a virgin, I mean I just didn't wanna take it alone." I stutter and they give me weird looks. I facepalm myself and shake my head, running to the car in embarrassment. When I get back, I toss the box to her side and point over to the bathroom.


"You. Bathroom. NOW." I say tiredly and she nervously obeys. 


Danny's POV

Something about Maya made me wonder what had happened while she went to pick the tests up, but all I can think about is the possibility that I may be pregnant. I take it and put it on the counter, tapping my foot and closing my eyes. When the timer goes off, I bite my lip, picking it up.




 It fell out of my hand and flopped to the ground, as I stare at my reflection in shock. No, This can't be happening.


I'm pregnant.


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