more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


8. Secrets

Danny's POV 

I bought a new phone, and the first contact was Liam. I tried to text him that I was sorry and I was being an arse, but there was no reply; only silence. It tells me that it was read, but I can tell why we ignores me. On my laptop, I always look on Facebook at Liam's profile. But what I never saw coming was all the newly added photos of him with none other than Maya's lovely cheerleader best friend, Ava. As I snoop around; I see that Liam is online now, and he just barely updated his profile picture; the old picture of him and I at the treehouse with one of him and and Ava at the exact same place. It's like he completely replaced me with Ava. I guess I couldn't blame him; she's carefree and all kinds of nice, and pretty. Not to mention she's the co-caption of the cheer team and prom queen. 


And not me. 


I blew it by snapping and I don't deserve his forgiveness. I SCREW EVERYTHING UP! Angrily, I throw the lap top across the room and it breaks a picture of Liam and I. I quickly went to fix it, and ended up on the floor crying, wishing I hadn't screwed up my life. At least Liam was safe and happy. I gasp and look at my right wrist, covered in glass from the picture that shattered across the floor. Without thinking anymore about it, I took the biggest piece and slowly began to slice the once soft and flawless skin. Tears stream down my face as the cuts grow deeper and wider. You would think that something that hurts so much would only hurt you worse, but it instead numbs everything feeling I have. 

*Phone Vibrates*

From: Jordan

Come outside baby, we're going on a little road trip to our condo ;)

I sigh, realizing that I only have the rough and agonizing Jordan to be with, while Ava won over Liam... My Liam


Ava's POV

*Flashback to the day after Danny's birthday*

I was pleasantly walking down the old trail behind Danny's house when I suddenly notice a familiar shaking figure on one of the branches of the large Treehouse. I walk over and climb the old ladder to the branch he was on. I rub his back and at first is startled by my touch and presence.


"Oh hey, Ava.." he says while sniffling. I see the moonlight reflect onto his watery and red eyes. I slowly move closer to him, asking,


"What's wrong, are you okay?" He had no reply and just held his head in his hands. After a couple moments of silence he sniffles,


"Danny, she was hurt. By Jordan. She called me in complete fear asking for my help... my protection. But now she acts like nothing happened, and is right back in his abusive arms. I feel like I failed... I screwed up... I thought I fell in love." he stares into my eyes, god he was heavenly, an angel. I slowly feel like we were the only two people in the world.


"Liam, it was her choice to run back to him... not yours..." I laugh a little and continue saying,


"You know, I have always been secretly been jealous of Danny, because she had someone... someone to talk to... someone as perfect as you." I slowly wrap my arms around his neck and lean in. He doesn't reject me, and instead leans in the rest of the way, moving his hands to my waist. His tongue begs for entrance, and I accept willingly. I feel his hands move down to my thighs, pulling me into his lap as I start kissing down his neck. It was like his every touch was magnified; I felt every little thing he was going through and every thing he was doing. He only pushed me away to reach out his hand in order for us to leave the large branch. I blush at what had just happened and wait for him to get down after me.


"Liam-" I was cut off by his soft lips crashing onto mine, pushing my back against the car parked next to the tree. He teasingly bites my bottom lip, making me giggle and pull away.


"Need a ride home?" He asks, putting his bottom lip between his teeth and causing me to blush.


"Sure." I answer simply, but squeal with laughter when he picks me up bridal style and opens the truck door. 

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