more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


23. protection


Reagan's pov


"So, does anyone have an actual plan on how are we going to keep these idiots from dying?" Harry mutters from his seat on my couch next to Maya. Over the past two days, I have been constantly avoiding Michael in hopes of keeping him out of this mess, and safe. 


"Shut up, dick. Real nice joke, clearly it was so funny everyone forgot to laugh." I snap at him, biting my fingernails and checking the window for any signs of unwanted visitors.


"Incase you haven't noticed blondie, there is only two other people in the whole house besides you. And maybe if Maya was listening, she would've laughed." Maya rolls her eyes, waving us off and continuing her research on Jake. She hasn't slept in all this time and yet not a single piece of information was found. Suddenly, as if she realized that she had a part in the debate, Maya raises her head and looks at us.


"Actually, I have someone who might be able to help us." Harry glances at her and I raise my eyebrow. Maya has so many secrets, so many that she probably has kept secrets from her secrets. It's amazing how closed she can get, and how easily she can make you feel like she's told you everything, yet you are only scratching the surface of her closed of life.


Maya's POV 


I dial my password into my phone and search down to the contact list to a familiar name, and I start to smile as I press "call". It only rings tree times before the well-beloved voice filled the speaker of the fun loudly. 


"Hey! I thought I'd never hear from my best friend again! What's up??" Ian's voice is just loud enough for Harry and Reagan to decipher as a male one, causing Harry to tense up with slight fear. 


"I'm good! Um, do you maybe wanna help me out with something?" I ask an octave higher than my monotonically sarcastic voice. Harry gives me a look and I roll my eyes, ignoring the suspicious stares from Reagan and him. 


"Anything for you my darling damsel in distress." 

"Ian.... Enough with the alliteration! I need a yes or a no. Please?? You can finally see my place, you'll get a nice room to stay in, and I will pay you. Maybe. Baby, please help me out." I give a whining tone, with a little mock-whimper. Harry nearly goes apeshit for the whole baby nickname, but I continue to ignore him. 


"Of course! I'll be there in a few hours. Love ya!" I giggle and roll my eyes even though he cannot see it, and sigh. 


"See you in a few hours." I hang up and look at my phone for a bit with a smile on my face, only to have it wiped away when Reagan speaks up. 


"Who the hell was that?? And why did you act like the giggly cheerleader you pretended to be in high school?" She folds her arms, honestly concerned. 


"You'll see. He's Ian, you'll love him." 


"Does someone else love him too?" Harry quips, hinting a large amount of jealousy. I furrow my eyebrows at him angrily and scoff. 


"No, we're just really close. Get off my back Styles, you don't own me." Ouch, that was harsh



Brad's POV

I smile placing my phone on the coffee table replying to Ava and only hope due to our friendship maybe I can be accepted by them all again... Well at least maya....



"Hey brad come here!" Michael shouts, waving me over. I sit next to him and he hands me a beer from one of the coolers. I open it and chug it almost instantly, letting the warm comfort of the alcohol run the course of my veins. 


"So, what do you think of her?"




"Her." Michael points at a blonde girl with beautiful curls pooling down her back. Her name is Reagan, I believe. She is friends with Liam and some of the other girls, but she usually keeps to herself because of some family problems... I can most definitely relate to that.


"What you think of her?" He repeats with a slight grin, clearly interested in the blonde. I shrug my shoulders as I take advantage of having a good look at her. Smiling, I raise my eyebrows in approval. Suddenly, the doors of the giant room open, causing everyone to glance over and being taken aback by THE stunning Maya Karter's presence. She usually goes to frat parties, not some lame high school party with shit beer. As if all it took was the dark-haired senior's arrival, the DJ turns on a more party-appropriate song and gets everyone going. A guy who looks to be in my junior class is automatically going up to her, stopping her route to Liam with her friends behind her. Before the guy could even finish the pick up, Liam is there in his protective nature, pulling her away so nothing could happen. Maya rolls her eyes at him and nods the two girls behind her forward, and Liam smiles triumphantly in his brotherly rescue. The two brunettes following them, Ava Calter and Danny Anderson, look out of place in their slacks and ugly freshman cardigans. They look nothing like their senior friend, who is in the tightest black skinny jeans and a loose white tank top with the word 'bitch' in bold print. Her black curly hair is in a loose bun, and her black lacy bra is clear-as-day seen through the sides of her tank. Ava and Danny however, have the worst clothing possible for a party. Sure, they are very attractive and lord knows any guy, even me, would like to strip them of their innocence but the clothing... Dear god just get a fucking makeover from Maya already!


"Would are the odds of me getting both Maya's and Reagan's number tonight?" I laugh hysterically at my friend, only hearing a partial amount of what he said. We both count to three and then say six at the exact same time, forcing Michael to follow through with his idiotic bet. He gets up and heads to Maya first, probably figuring it would be easier since we know her. He slides his way into the close knit group consisting of Liam, Ava, Danny and Maya, making his presence known. He clears his throat, purposely deepening his voice as he begins the single-handedly worst pick up attempt in history. 


"Hey Maya, there's something wrong with your phone." He instantly looses confidence as the girl widens her eyes, trying not to grin at his terrible pick up. 


"What did you say Michael?" She pops the bubble of gum in her mouth, eyes flickering towards Liam. He shakes his head slightly, making sure she's nice to him and whispers something to Danny, making her giggle. 


"Your phone, it must be broken. It doesn't have my number in it." Liam chuckles in amusement and Maya bites her lip from cracking up. She slowly and sympathetically exchanges numbers with a burning red Michael, and whispers in his ear something unknown to me. He immediately smiles and goes straight to Reagan. A hand pulls my to its owner before I could follow him, and I hear Maya whisper in my ear, 


"I guess he won that one Brad." She heard the bet, of course she did. 


"We should bet against you on picking up numbers Brad, see how good you are." She adds at a normal volume, causing her friends to laugh and myself to chuckle. Liam subconsciously moves closer to Danny, and she practically swoons in the movement. Clearly they both want each other, but of course they're the only ones who aren't aware of that. Even though Liam never dates any other seniors and Danny is about as experienced as a two year old. I bet she has never felt the warm touch of another person's fingers grazing up her skin in a greedy attempt to feel loved, or at least the feeling you get when it's past curfew and you're out with a significant other in the back of their car feeling each other up. Ava on the other hand, I am certain she's had her experiences. Sure, she might be a virgin like her friend but she certainly isn't ms. goody two shoes. I mean if you're friends with Maya Karter, you've got to have some sort of knowledge of how to get a male's attention (if you know what I mean). 


Times rolls by and as far as I can tell, Reagan and Michael hit it off and everyone is drunk, except Ava and Danny. Ava is on the verge of it, while Danny is hardly buzzed; she is either the designed driver-- wait, I don't think she knows how to drive. Huh, maybe she isn't a party person... 


"You okay?" Ava asks Maya, who is suddenly frozen by the clock. She blankly nods, biting her lip and looking at Reagan. Reagan furrows her eyebrows and sees the time, then checks her phone. Then, she automatically shakes her head, telling her not to do something. Maya sighs, stirring her drink in her hand and slowly withdrawing from the party, going into her own mind. She seems lonely for someone who is loved and worshipped by everyone... Or at least the idea of her was worshipped and loved. There's got to be more behind that pretty face. 


***Flashback ends***


God, could I have been more right about that. I miss those days when I was actually a part of all their shit. I used to be fucking necessary in the group, hell I was like the king of popularity. Now no matter my status in school, with my friends it's always Danny this, Maya that (well that's nothing new really), Harry did what. I hope maya breaks that son of a bitch so he can finally leave everyone the hell alone. That prick will get whatever's coming to him by Jake, I think that's his name.



Maya's POV


Three minutes, the text said. Three more minutes and Ian, my best friend in the whole world, will be here. I haven't seen him since after I ran with Reagan from Harry, that's actually where I went so he wouldn't find me back home. I've been through a lot of shit with Ian, but I guess he is the one person that knows every single solitary secret. After all, he's the only one who knew about...


"HONEY, I'M HOME!" Ian's voice booms as he opens the door, dropping his stuff at the side of the door with a huge smile. We got to my house right after the call, and I notice Harry quickly opening the secret place where one of my guns lay. I know he won't shoot him, so I run into the raven-haired man's arms, letting him lift my off the ground in a twirl. 


"I missed you baby." I giggle as he sets me down, our smiles at each other growing wider every second. 


"Well, you're still as sexy as ever hot stuff." He smirks, and I swear I hear Harry growl. Reagan watches, half expecting me to slap him for calling me sexy and hot stuff. Instead, I smile and nudge his shoulder. 


"And you're muscular physique is as perfect as ever." I tease him, abruptly glancing at my friends and stepping away from him. 


"Ian, this is Reagan, Reg this is my best friend from childhood and on Ian." They shake hands and Ian winks at her casually, causing her to bite her lip from smiling. I hesitate to introduce Harry and Ian, knowing Harry's jealousy and Ian's blind hatred towards him for hurting me all those years ago. 


"Um, Ian this is Harry." I chuckle nervously; wow my usual personality is no where to be found when I'm around him. I'm all giggly and nervous that he'll do something, usually I'm all poker faces and cold glares. I guess it's just because he knows everything, all the stories and all my faults. Ian turns towards him in a swift motion, giving his signature smirk as he shakes his hand. 


"So, you're the dick that broke my best friend's heart. I assumed that when I met you it would be to kill you and rips you apart, but I assumed wrong. Oh well, maybe some other time." 


 I grimace as his cocky manner, and watch as Harry tries his damned hardest to stay calm. He seethes through his teeth an clenches his fists, forming a tight smile. 


"Ha, you're funny I'll give you that. So funny that everyone forgot to laugh." Reagan rolls her eyes, mad he took her comment from earlier. 


"If you excuse me, I am going to go call everyone for you maya and get everyone here." He quickly escapes to the other room, and I glance at Ian. 


"Could you try to be nice? He's making a big effort to make up for everything." I whisper to him and he shrugs, watching as I follow Harry to the other room. His back is turned to me, his fists still clenched as he looks around for a phone. 


"You okay?" I ask, folding my arms reservedly. 


"Fuckin' peachy." He snaps, not even trying to be nice. 


"He didn't mean it Harry." I try to ease the tension, stepping forward a little. 


"How the hell does he know about me anyway?" he asks angrily, texting someone, probably Liam, about the whole get together here. 


"He's my best friend. Where do you think I was when you were looking for me after I left?" I let out the truth of where I was, not even regretting doing so. 


"You were with him?? Really?? See, I thought I knew everything but I guess I'm just like everyone else to you, someone you can keep in the shadows until shit hits the fan." He retorts, and I freeze up. Where the hell is this coming from??


"I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. I didn't mean it M... I'm just-" 


"-Jealous that I'm close to another guy other than Liam and yourself?" I finish for him rudely, glaring back at him. 


"No." He says weakly, knowing that his jealousy did not escape my radar. 


"I get it. We were together and when I left I stayed with another guy that I am particularly close with. I can't imagine what went through your head when he and I were teasing each other." God dammit, what's going on with me?? it's gotta be Ian being here that's making my walls crumble down. It makes me weak, being with my best friend makes me weak but I suppose this is what I need. I break from being alone.


"Really? Wow... I honestly don't how to respond to that." He chuckles and I weakly smile, noticing his anger subsiding.


"I'm going to go pick Liam and Danny up. Maybe Ava if she's there. You okay here?" I furrow my eyebrows at him and laugh a little. 


"Fucking peachy Styles."


It's finally here lol! We will be updating as frequently as possible, school might get in the way but thanks for sticking with it haha. Next chapter will be more Liam, Ava, and Danny centric btw. Anyways, comment, fan, fave, etc...


We love you guys!


~Mrs. Styles ;)

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