more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


20. Explanations and one drunk Maya

**Danny's POV**


"So not to pry or anything, but why did you even come back.. I mean here?" I ask curiously as he tenses up at the subject.


"Danny, not tonight it's too hard to explain." I pause as I crinkle my nose, and reply back, saying,


"Well the when are you going to tell me, and why not now??" He looks down to his feet as he rocks back and forth and returns his eyes back to me,


"Well, honey most of it is not my story to tell." I furrow my eyebrows togther as I have many thoughts circle into my mind at his words. 'it's not his story to tell?' what is he trying to say? 


"Well if your talking about Maya, she already told me EVERYTHING. I just want to here your side of the story. So if that's why you came back, go ahead and tell me." I saying my clearing up my question, also raising an eyebrow. Harry laughs at me as he rolls his head back, throwing me off slightly.


"Babe, I don't think you understand, I mean I love Maya and all, but I had not have any idea in hell where she was.. after she left me... I didn't have the heart to go after her after the pain I had caused her. but anyways I came back for a completely different reason." He states slightly shocking me at the guilt in his throught when he spoke about Maya. I brush the thought away and nod dropping the subject not wanting to discuss it any futher. We wait in silence for a few momnents before harry braks the silence saying,


"I came back because I needed to finish some bussiness that i should have a long time ago."


**Flash back to the Car Ride after Appointment**


Maya's POV

"Should I keep or give up... My baby?" This question caught me completely off guard. Why did she want my opinion? I'm just a stupid skank of a friend that lies constantly about everything. I stutter to reply, saying,


"I-I really don't know..." I pause for a moment; what was my opinion in all this? She's one of the closest friends I have, but is she prepared for all this? Am I prepared to help her raise a baby in my house??


 "But in my opinion the best option for the baby... Is to give it up... I mean you live with only me. I'm only 19 and you're only 17 there is NO WAY we could possibly take care of a baby! I mean my hell we can't even take care of ourselves! And you wouldn't want me taking care of your baby, while your at school... I mean I would probably corrupt the poor kid; like Harry did to me." I state, adding humor to the topic by saying,


"I mean you don't want mini-me running around now do you? I'm enough trouble for you, with all the lies about me pretty much being able to murder the entire freaking town." I add a laugh to make sure not to scare her half to death. Danny sighs, laying her head back on the head rest.  


"I.. mean it woulndn't be just me and you-"  


"Oh, you think Liam will help you? After all this shit he's been put through?? Oh and I bet his little lover Ava will help you too. Oh, and Reagan, she soo didn't jump ship to be on Ava's side of everything! Oh but let's not forget about to one and only Harry Styles now shall we?? Yep, you've got him so fascinated with your freaking innocence that he will TOTALLY help you raise a child! Like hell that will ever happen Danny, get real!" I rant on with my words full of sarcasm, not realizing I'm hurting my friend by doing so. She shakes her head, looking out the window. 


"Danny..." I sigh, looking ahead at the road.


"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it you know that." I mutter, glancing over once I stop at a stop light. Her eyes fog with sadness and she rolls her eyes.


"Oh Maya I know you did! But please please inform me of how you, how you became this way? And way suddenly now? Because for one I am completely lost." I sigh nodding in agreement.


"Though I have never spoke of what happened, to anyone at all, not even Reagan, I think I owe you. Let's start on the beginning shall we?" She looks at me curiously, narrowing her eyes as if she is trying to figure me out. 


"I was 16, when Reagan and I met him. He was the most handsome guy, that I'd ever seen in my life. When Liam disagreed to help him out and went to get us drinks, I offered to help. Reagan added in her offer then as well. Harry had just laughed at us and asked, 'I don't think you'd be interested in helping a guy like me'. I remember how his eyes had this weird effect on me, as if he had compulsion and was manipulating me into saying that I'd do whatever. Reagan was only trying to make sure I  didn't go alone; that I didn't get myself into too much trouble." I snorted, shaking my head at how stupid Reagan was for thinking that I, Maya Karter, wouldn't be in danger of trouble if she was with us. 


"He needed help with killing people who stole from him?" She asks, confused.


"You could say that, but at the time it wasn't supposed to be like it. He wanted Liam because he could use an extra hand around the group in case things went down hill. When both Reagan and I were up for anything, we were the distraction. You know, he trained us along with the group but we were the ones distracting Jake's group. I always joked around with him, telling him we were basically the stripper-assassins. Well, we weren't gonna actually strip, just make sure that they didn't go and realize they were under attack." I laugh slightly at that old joke that washes up a lot of happy memories that I had with Harry; too bad they were fake. 


"And how did you and Harry get together?" 


"It just started out as a dibs sorta thing, almost a game really. He would flirt and make me laugh, I would put on my 'tight workout clothes' to tease him, high school stuff that was for our age. But one day he just, kissed me. Behind the showers..." I trail off, my smile fading as I hit a wall in my memories.  


"Now if you don't want to see me cry you need me to stop now or look away." I warn her, feeling tears coming on due to the memories of my first love. She asked for the story, she's getting it. 


"Every night we'd sneak into each other's rooms, fool around, talk. Just spend our time together...I think, that I knew I loved him when he started to be protective, to show everyone that I'm his. He told me that when we go on the mission, if anyone so much as touches me that he'd rip them apart. We never told each other that we loved the other, until the day it all went wrong." My face falters from its poker face, cringing a little. I keep my eyes in the road, forcing my tears to stay in. 


"He, He said it first..." I start again, this time whimpering. Danny has never seen me like this, well other than the party, but never completely sober and one on one. I quickly wipe a single tear away, not looking at her. 


"That day was the best day of my life, and the worst. It came down to Harry and I against Jake and one of his people. I didn't ever think I'd be against three. just like that, he went from telling me he loved me to practically choking me and holding a gun to my throat." I feel her eyes on me as tears roll down my cheeks. She gasps, realizing something. 


"The scar." She whispers, and I subconsciously touch my neck. 


"Oh Maya... I'm, so sorry."

**Flashback ends**

**Danny's POV**


Maya's story flashed through my mind, making me glance into Harry's eyes. 


"Promise me, that you'll tell me one day. Maya... She opened up more than she ever possibly could. She trusted me with her only thing she had as a secret, I just hope you can trust me." I say, brushing his arm slightly to show in there for him. 


"I didn't play a game with her, I want you to know at least that. If you want me to trust you with something, it's that I never meant to hurt your friend. You've got to believe me, because she doesn't." He sighs tiredly, letting me know that he's working on telling me. 


"We should go find her. It's getting late." I say quietly, sitting up and avoiding the ache in my stomach. 


**Maya's POV**


Who needs those assholes anyway?? God sometimes I can't trust anyone. How does Danny forgive so easily?! I told her everything! And yet she still is around him! I storm straight into the club, and go straight to the bar before setting foot near the dance floor. 


I giggle, out of breath from dancing. I have never drank this much before, I should do it more often! 

"Hey, wanna dance?" A guy, blurry in my vision but probably handsome backed on his voice and outline, says. I nod eagerly let him pull me into his front. I grind up against him, not really understanding my thoughts. After a while, I don't know how but we ended up near the wall. He pushes me up against it, kissing me feverishly. I let him, considering I can't even think anymore. 

"Mm Harry...stop it!" I giggle as lips suck harshly on my neck. Wait, don't I hate Harry? Oh yeah! But this isn't Harry, Harry has better hair and is more gentle. Ugh this is confusing! 

"Shut up.." The voice groans, sticking his tongue in my throat. I don't like this guy, he's rude! But I like the fact that he's kissing me, so I will just let it go. It's not like he's getting into my pants haha! Just as I think of that, he gropes my breasts roughly before sliding to my butt. His fingers slide the hem of my dress up quickly and I pull away. 

"Woah there buddy at least buy me a dinner before you get there." I joke, thinking it was hilarious. He ignores my comment and harshly kisses me again. I try to push him away, but my intoxicated brain doesn't allow me full access of my movement. 

"Get the fuck off of her!!!" A voice booms before ripping this guy off of me. I squint my eyes, trying to make up who it was. 

**Harry's POV**

"I'll check to see if she crashed at any of my friends' houses, you check in the club two blocks away." Danny instructs me when we begin to worry where Maya could be. I grab my keys, jogging out to the car. I get in and start the engine before speeding over. 

"ID." A man says in the front entrance. I groan, taking out my ID quickly so I could get in there. The beat pounds inside, making it hard to concentrate. 

"Wanna dance?" A blonde girl who looked about 16 in a very short skirt asks, drunkenly giggling. I ignore her and push past her, search the crowds. Then, I see her dress, and shoes along with her hair. I clench my fists as I also see a jackass sticking his tongue down her throat and leaving hickeys everywhere. She has never been the loose type, yet she's practically about to bang a stranger in public. I suck in my breath when I catch the prick slipping his hand up her dress, and then wait as she pulls away. She makes a joke that she must've found hilarious and tries to move away to go back to the floor, but he shoves her back against the wall and forces his tongue back in her mouth. That's when I loose it. 

"Get the fuck off of her!" I storm over, ripping him off of Maya. 

"Oh my god, hi Harry! This is my friend, I don't know his name though." She giggles and catches me off guard. I expected her to yell at me, and tell me I need to leave and stay out of her business, or hell at least help me beat this guy senseless! Not giggle like a child and act all immature! Did he drug her?? 

"Did you touch her?!" I scream at the guy, too pissed to care what happens next. 

"Yeah, what about it? I can do whatever the fuck I want." Something inside me ignites a fire larger than anything that's ever been said to me before. And trust me, I've heard some pretty bad shit. I release my strongest punch and make sure he's down on the ground before punching him a few times more. 

"You don't fucking touch her again you got that prick?!" The son of a bitch yelps in pain as I ram my foot into his chest, not stopping. 

"Harry... You're gonna kill him if you don't stop." Maya jokingly sings, giggling after and causing me to come to a halt with confusement. 

"Come on, lets just get you out of here." I tug her through the crowd, only to be yanked back. 

"Harry dance with me." She slurs with a giggle, moving her hips to the music. 

"And boy I'm amazed to be in the maze with you, i just cant crack your code. blah blah blah holy grail!" She tries singing, then collapses into my chest clumsily, bursting into fits of laughter. I groan, wanting to stay with her and let her be as happy as she is now, especially when she likes me, rather than bring her home and have her sleep it off. 

"Maya, come on not tonight. Danny is worried sick about you." I distract her as we exit the club, hurriedly getting her to the car before she wanders off. She crinkles her nose and grimaces as she shakes her head. 

"She doesn't... Care where I am! Wait Where am I?" She laughs again. Wow, she really drank her heart out didn't she? 

"Haz, it's a joke, laughs with me baby!" She slurs, nudging my chest as I attempt to get her seatbelt on her. I look at her, half smiling. Even when she's wasted, just by saying baby gets me in a better mood any day.

"You're not funny Maya." I chuckle, shaking my head and shutting the door. Through the window, she gives a fake horrified face before laughing once again. God there is so much laughter tonight.

"Ssscrew you I'm HILARIOUS." She sticks her tongue out at me as I get in and put my seatbelt on. I start the car and press the gas petal, glancing at her every few seconds. She cringes at me and I chuckle. 

"What's going through your pretty little head now eh?" 

"I don't think I'm supposed to like you.." She says uncertainly. My smiles fades and my hand tightens around the wheel. 

"What? Oh wait! Oh my god I know you.... You're that guy, the guy when I was younger that tried to kill me!" She bursts into laughter; okay, this is getting weird with all the laughing. 

"Remind me who Dana is."

"You mean Danny." 

"Yeah sure." She sniffles, scratching her nose. 

"She lives at your house Maya, she's one of your best friends." Her eyes widen in realisation and she smiles. 

"Oh her! The one who I talked about my FEELINGS and stuff to at her little pregger appointment! She's in love with Leroy right?" I hold in a laugh and roll my eyes. 

"Liam darling, Liam."

"Yeah, Leo that's what I said." I shake my head, coming into the driveway. 

"I like you, you listen to me. And laugh at my jokesss." She leans over to rest her head on my shoulder, beaming up at me with her gorgeous smile. I want her to be this drunk more often; at least she likes me then. Her smile softens, and her hand lifts up to stroke my face. 

"Do I hate you?" She asks softly, lifting her head slightly to be equal with my face. Her breath smelled of strong liquor and her eyes were foggy with intoxication. I lick my lips, flickering my eyes to her own. Hers is pulled between her teeth and I sigh. 

"Yeah, you hate me." She cringes, shaking her head. 

"No I don't. You're too nice for me to hate silly!" She smiles like she was an innocent little girl and I fail to return the smile. 

"Oh but darling you will tomorrow." She rolls her eyes and smiles brightly. 

"Well... I don't hate you now..." Maya's smile fades and her eyes glance to my lips. Slowly, she leans in and presses them to mine. I missed the feeling of being so close to her and wanted nothing more than to keep her this close, but if I continue this now I'd be dooming any future relationships with her; she'd hate me. 

"Maya, we can't do this. You're terribly drunk, Danny is probably still freaking out, and I don't want to mess up any chances I could have with fixing us. Well, starting a friendship." She sighs, pulling away. 

"Okay, I guess if I wasn't so freaking plastered I'd have respected your decision." She slurs, getting out of the car. I go ahead of her, unlocking the door for her and attempt to step in only to be pulled back. 

"Before I, ya know stop being plastered or whatever, I like movies. Lots of 'em... And roller coasters... I hate snakes and spiders, and I think.... I'm only mad at you because you made it look like you didn't even care and stuff. When you threatened to shoot me, it looked like everything was a..a game." She managed to stay serious the whole time, only releasing a few giggles at the end.


"I'll keep those in mind." I tease, going in before her and making sure she gets in. 

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