more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


18. Dark pasts

Danny's POV 

"Can you order about 6 large pizzas for the party?" Maya asks me, busy on the phone inviting people and ordering a keg. I nod, grabbing the phone and placing the order.


"How do you even afford all this for each party? You don't have a job."


"I've got some money okay?" She snaps, making me confused.


"Just order the food will you?" I continue the order and help her get everything sorted out. Maya's parties are ones people never forget; she's definitely earned the title as the party animal. Somehow, everyone in town always arrives, even when she only invites about 10 people. 

From: Harry 

Hey are you busy tonight?

I thought of the other day and how weird Maya was acting when she was talking to Liam about Harry. Again, how did she know he wasn't good? 

From: Danny

Yeah, I have a party at my friends house but you can come. Everyone in town will here :P 

From: Harry 

Yeah sure love just give me the address and I'll be there. 

I text Harry the address of Maya's flat and tell him to be here by 7.


Ava's POV

I am in my bedroom getting dressed for one of Maya's big parties when the touch of two hands make me jump.


"Love it's just me!" Liam chuckles, and I calm down.


"Don't scare me like that." I sigh with a small laugh and turn around to kiss him.


"I see you are ready for the party eh?" He looks down at my choice of attire: A tight black low cut dress hugged my body and my silver rhinestone heels glitter in the mirror. I know I know, it isn't something you'd normally wear to your best friend's keg party, but I always dress for the occasion.


"You look beautiful Ava." Liam compliments.


"Come on, we're going to be late." I shrug away and grab his hand, leading him downstairs to the car.


Harry's POV

"Wow..." I mutter as I try to find a parking place near the fairly large flat and the 300-400 people in it. Whoever this friend of Danny's was must be pretty rich, or just really pretty to get this many people over here.


"Harry? Hey!" Danny is outside, doing something and sees me.


"So, who's house is this?" I ask as she leads me through the back.


"My close friend's. Actually it's sort of mine now." I raise an eyebrow in confusion and she sighs.


"My mum kicked me out. So M said I could move in with her. She's 19, and she doesn't live with her parents so we have it all to ourselves a lot of the time. It's a wonder how she can pay for everything though; She never works and yet she has the money to buy food and drinks for all these people the every two weeks she has these parties. Not to mention afford this huge flat!" Her attitude is more bubblier than normal. Maybe she had a drink or two.


"Is Liam here?" I ask her casually through the music.


"Yeah.. He's over there with Ava and my other friends." I look over in that direction, eyeing my mate with a drink. He's holding a pretty brunette by the waist and laughing about something another girl had said. It was a blonde who was quite skinny and had dressed up like the one at Liam's hip, unlike half the people here.


"Oh crap. Um, excuse me while I go pry M away from that guy before something she regrets happens." She gives me a small smile and runs over to a curly haired brunette in a tight black skirt with a white shirt tucked in. The skirt only goes to about her thigh, revealing very long legs and black heels at the end. But something about her dancing, and her body, and those legs made me think of someone I haven't thought of in a long time, someone that pained me too much to think about.


"Maya! Come on you have to stop doing this you don't know him." Danny drags the giggling girl away. Her name caused me to freeze where I stand. It couldn't be, could it? Then I think again; I did find Reagan and Maya through Liam when he brought them to a party once. He never knew about me recruiting them or that I was... Well in love with Maya. He also didn't know about me threatening her life, which he'd surely be pissed about. 

Maya's POV

"Dance with me." a blonde guy I've never seen before murmurs in my ear. I carelessly agree and he starts to grind up against me. I've had about two drinks, but I act more drunk than that for show; ever since I heard Harry had been trying to talk with Danny, I just wanted to have someone wipe it all away.


"Maya! Come on you have to stop doing this you don't know him." Danny yanks me away and I laugh loudly.


"Relax babe, I was just havin a little..." I trail off and my smile fades when I see the familiar figure quite close to us with the same reaction I have. My breath quickens and everything floods back into my mind. The pleasure I got from his touch, the love I had felt, the terror I had when he threatened my life. I can practically feel the gun at my throat and I touch the light scar at my throat.


"You asshole! Get the hell out of my house!! Who let you in?? Who said you were allowed to be here!?" I storm through the crowd and yank him to the hall. Before anyone can stop me, I punch him in the face with tears coming from my eyes.


"How dare you come into my house and talk to my friends! How dare you show your face to me again!" I cry, hitting his chest repeatedly. I feel strong arms on me, holding me back. Once I turn, I let the strong male hold me. It was Liam, but right now I couldn't care less.


"What did you do to her Harry?! First Danny now Maya?!" Liam yells and I look behind him to see Reagan, Ava, and Danny with Michael and Brad behind us, confused as hell. Well, besides Reagan.


"Liam this is between Maya and Harry from a long time ago." Reagan speaks up. He releases me and turns.


"How long?"


"Two years ago."


"Dammit I knew it! I knew you two weren't on a studying abroad trip then! Harry you better not have used them! Someone, someone better explain all of this RIGHT NOW." I back away and shake my head in disbelief.


"I can't believe this. I told you Harry that I never wanted to see you again. And Reagan you promised we'd never even think about what happened again!" I am shaking and Harry tries to comfort me.


"It's ok darling please don't cry-"


"-Dammit Harry you aren't my boyfriend you can't act like this!" I scream.


"Upstairs to the TV room. Now." Danny says, in shock. Everyone goes and I pace around the room.


"Now, you three better tell us everything or I swear Harry I'm going to kick your ass to next Month." Liam threatened. I clear my throat and close my eyes.


"That summer you brought Reagan and Maya to that party, I got their numbers. You wouldn't do more work with me, but they were willing to. They were going to be the distraction." Harry softly explains, eyes not leaving me.


"Maya and I stayed with Harry for 6 months before the job, training."


"What did you need training for?" Danny asks innocently. I roll my eyes and my bad side is revealed.


"Poor innocent Danny. You probably thought the worst your friends and dreamy Harry's ever done was shoplift and drink." My voice goes up to one annoying octave and she furrows her eyebrows in confusion. I soften my tone, not sure how she'll handle all this along with Brad, Michael, and Ava.


"Danny, Harry was teaching us how to kill."


"Well, more of just using guns and fighting-"


"Don't be fucking stupid Reagan we both know what it was for." I glance at Harry with hurt in my eyes, then look away.


"During the time, Maya and I... We're involved. With each other." Harry says, avoiding my look.


"Huh?" Ava raises an eyebrow, probably confused as to why I never shared that I was intimate with a guy before she was.


"Harry and I were fucking each other Ava!" I say, snapping at her.


"Maya, you can't just call that-"


"-Harry you faked the whole thing! So I get to call it whatever I want!" Tears returned, but didn't fall down. I sigh as he came a bit closer and I look at him.


"You faked all of it Harry." I whisper and he shakes his head. It was as if we were alone, because all I could see was Harry and how I wanted to yell and scream.  


"Maya I told you..." He mumbles, shutting his eyes. Everyone is watching us and seeing a side of Harry only I had came to know a long time ago. I doubt Liam's ever saw his friend this frustrated with a girl or concerned, and Danny probably finds it romantic of Harry, being the one friend who just seems to find only the good of people.


How innocent of her.


"You were in love." Ava states, realizing something.


"I was." I whisper, not leaving my glare on Harry, who was about a foot from me.


"Maya I was in love with you too." He says. I get angry again and push him away.


"No! You weren't! Do you think someone in love would put the one they're in love with at gun point just so Jake would leave?? Make them kill 3  people?? If he didn't leave you would've shot me Harry!! you held me and pointed a fucking gun at my throat! I still have the scar! And what made that worse for me is that I actually believed it when you said that you loved me that morning. But I was too immature to realize what would've happened after the job was done." He narrows his eyes at me and the room is completely silent. 


"Oh yeah? And what would've happened?" He challenges me.


"You would've dropped me faster than I could blink Harry. You just played a game on me so I'd sleep with you, so you could have me just like you were paying for me to 'distract' Jake's team. Because that's what you do Harry. You play games to manipulate a girl's feelings." I am practially weeping and Reagan pulls me aside.


"Maya calm down. Breathe. Just like after we left. Breathe, calm down and forget." She whispers. 

Danny's POV

What the hell just happened?? One minute I was just talking with Harry and separating Maya from some guy. Then the next she PUNCHES Harry?! How did she learn to do that so well? She picks a fight and Liam breaks it up. I don't hear much since the loud music and crowd but I hear,


"First Danny now Maya??" What does THAT mean? Does Liam think we're together? I hear very little but now Reagan has joined, saying that Maya and Harry's fight was about two years ago and Liam flipped out. Maya starts crying a little. But what I didn't expect to see or hear was Harry go to try to hold her, saying,


"It's okay darling don't cry-"


"-Dammit Harry you aren't my boyfriend you can't act like this!" First off, I've never heard Harry call someone 'darling', let alone act this concerned about a girl crying. What happened between them?


"Upstairs to the TV room. Now." I state, wanting to hear all of this. Harry and Reagan began explaining how they all three met, but when they mentioned training I couldn't help but ask,


"What did you need training for?" Maya gives a look I've never seen on her, one of cruelty and darkness; it reminded me of Harry.


"Poor innocent Danny. You probably thought all your friends and "dreamy perfect Harry" 's ever done was shoplift and drink." I raise an eyebrow and she continues.


"Danny, Harry was teaching us how to kill."


"Well, more of just using guns and fighting-"


"Don't be fucking  stupid Reagan we both know what it was for." The two snap at each other and I just gasp in shock at the confession and the language Maya has been using. Kill? I know Harry wasn't the nicest guy but training people, my FRIENDS, to Kill?? I look at harry, who's eyes are on Maya with a hurt I've never seen.


"During the time, Maya and I... We're involved. With each other." Harry states and Ava questions them. What kind of involved??


"We were fucking each other Ava!" Maya answers, making me widen my eyes. What more didn't we know about Maya?


"Maya, you can't just call that-"


"-Harry you faked the whole thing! So I get to call it whatever I want!" The pain was crystal clear in both of them and Maya's tears blurred her vision. She claims about something being fake, and Harry goes closer, as if to hold her hands but she wouldn't allow it.


"You were in love." Ava breaks their silence. I glance at her before I notice that she was looking at Liam. It hurt that she could be free to look at him like that.


"I was."


"Maya I was in love with you too." His words seemed desperate.


"No! You weren't! Do you think someone in love would put the one they're in love with at gun point just so his enemy would leave?? Make them kill 3 people?? If he didn't leave you would've shot me Harry!! You held me and pointed a fucking gun at my throat! I still have the scar! And what made that worse for me is that I actually believed it when you said that you loved me that morning. But I was too immature to realize what would've happened after the job was done." I widen my eyes once again. He was willing to kill Maya, even when he was in love with her, just to complete his job?? They exchange words I can hardly hear before Reagan pulls Maya into an embrace as she cries more.


"Um, I need to say something." I clear my throat. Everyone looks at me. Except maya, who was still sobbing in Reagan's shoulder.


"I...I messed up a lot lately and your are my closest friends. Yet only two of you know the whole story, and one can't remember anymore." Maya's eyes come out of hiding and she furrows her eyebrows.


"Danny you don't have to tell them all at once. It might be hard to handle." She mutters.


"It's fine Maya. If you Reg and Harry can be honest, everyone should hear this." I take a deep breath and say plainly,


"As you know, I'm pregnant." They all don't change emotion, not even Harry, and I turn to Ava.


"Ava when we had that fight after Liam found the test, I swear it wasn't his baby. You know that." She nods once, though still probably mad about it.


"It's Jordan's." I sigh, shaking slightly at his name.


"And, he also was the cause of the bruises and everything, not accidents." Maya give a supportive half smile and I continue.


"I remember now." Liam mumbles, standing up confusedly.


"Wait, he shot me? Because I tried to protect you didn't he?" I ashamedly nod. Ava clenches her tiny fists and I look away.


"And I saved Taylor." He says, and I agree.


"He... Wait a minute, did he steal my truck?" I can't help but laugh a little and say,


"it's kinda at the police station..." After a while of everyone talking about all of this, I feel like a weight has been lifted from me. But the shock of Harry and Maya replace the burden of a secret. It just didn't make sense to me. Maya and Reagan said they left for a studying abroad trip, and they even brought pictures of everywhere. What else have they kept a secret? I glance up at the three people I know feel are strangers, and observe them meticulously. The closer I look at them, the better I can notice all their flaws that expose the past now. Reagan had a scar I've never noticed on her lower leg, and she had a tattoo of butterflies going up her shirt. How didn't I notice those? Oh yeah, because she usually wears shirts that aren't see-through. I shift my eyes to Maya. Her shaking frame has calmed down, but her eyes are swollen. She wasn't looking at the group though. I followed her eyes, gasping just a little; she was actually looking at Harry. And he was looking at her. But not with the lust I've seen him have over the past few weeks. They were something indescribable. What I wouldn't give to see what they were like when the were in love. I've never seen Maya in a relationship, and so far neither have I with Harry.



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