more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


12. Damaged

Jordan's POV

I brake the back window to his trunk, making it shatter. I crawl to Liam as he attempts to pull over. I punch his gut, and don't hesitate to knee his jaw. I grab his injured shoulder as he grabs my left wrist braking it before I defensively snap his shoulder and painfully knock him out. I then replace my body with his throwing him into the trunk. I then begin to speed to same exact alley way I went to with Danny. I yank him out of the truck, making his body slam agianst the cold dark alleyway forcing me to flash back to when I was here with Danny; I shake the painful memories out of my head returning to Liam. I then search his truck for some sort of weapon to use against him. I suddenly discover a large black knife under the leather passenger seat. I kneel by his worthless body watching his chest drop and breath deeply before he mocks me saying, 


"Go to hell." Then he bravely punches my jaw almost braking it before he pulls himself up with the only strength he had left. I speed towards him, when he suddenly holds my left wrist keeping it from stabbing into his chest, he then knees me in the balls I release groaning in pain and throw the knife right into his pounding chest. His looks at it gasps, and grasps it sliding it out of his chest yelling and groaning it in pain. His knees shake and then drop to then ground as I grin and kick gravel into his body. I slam his damaged body into the alleyway wall, walking to his truck and bowing, as if I had received a medal. I laugh and drive away from the shameful scene as if nothing happened.

*an hour later*


Danny POV

"These are really good!" Taylor says.


"Thanks they are an old recipe from my grandma, she used to make them every sunday morning."


"Cool" she simply replied.


*Phone vibrates*

I walk over to my IPhone and noticing I have a notification from Find Friends. I open the app discovering it was notifying me that Liam has been in an alley for 25 minutes. I gasp at the idea that Jordan woke up and took him there. 'No way.' I thought to myself. Jordan was out cold when Liam left. I shiver at the image in my mind of Jordan. I don't hesitate to text Liam asking him why he was in that alleyway, no reply. I run into my room as Taylor asks


"What's wrong??" I suddenly order her,


"Go get in the car." She nods and obeys.

To: Ava, Maya, Reagan

Im on my way to pick you guys up no time to explain be outside i'll be there soon. Please Liam needs us. And we can't go alone because of Jordan

*Phone vibrates three times*

From: Maya

Of course babe im here for you

From: Ava

Only for Liam....

From: Reagan

sure are you alright??

I pull into Maya' s drive way, she runs into the back seat locking the door and saying,


"Are you okay?" I nod simply and watch Ava and Reagan run out from Maya's house, they all were always together so I Figured they all would be there. I thank the three of them quickly before pressing the gas pedal.


"Thank you guys. I don't know what I would so with out you... Oh and this is Taylor... yea."


"Hi." she softly replies I hold my tears back not knowing what to expect as I pull into the alley. We all gasp and are shocked at the image of Liam. Ava runs out kneeling to his damaged body holding his hand crying and yelling at him to wake up.


"WAKE UP LIAM!!! WAKE UP YOU BASTARD!" she cried as she shook him. I run to him crying and laying my head in his chest discovering a deep knife wound in his chest.


"MAYA HURRY COME HELP US PUT HIM IN THE CAR! HE'S SHOT AND STABBED!" I scream as Ava felt his chest for a heart beat and couldn't find one. We all lift him in the back-seat sitting him up. The other three share the other two seats. I speed to the hospital crying like the other girls in the car. Taylor runs out of the car slamming the door yelling for a doctor to help. Suddenly' four tall males run out with a gurney rushing Liam onto it and running inside; We all rush out of the car crying and running right behind them. They tell us all to wait in the waiting room me and Ava Scream as we attempt to run after the yelling doctors as Reagan and Taylor hold us back.


Ava's POV

I cursed under my breath. The man I loved could be dead for all I know. I had been four hours since They took Liam. I felt tears scream down my face as the image of his damaged body flashed back in my mind. I couldn't lose him. I love him. I sob wiping my makeup out from under my eyes. I look around to Maya rubbing Danny's back as she sobs and Taylor asleep on Danny's shoulder with dried tears on her cheek. Reagan looks at me with tears in her eyes. I then notice Michael and Brad here with there faces in their hands well their legs bumped up and down nervously. Reagan runs up to Michael (her boyfriend who just walked in.) He picks her up wrapping his arms around her tightly and softly kissing her cheek, whispering that everything would be okay. He sat down wrapping his arm around her waist as she laid her head on his shoulder as tears fell from her eyes onto his grey t-shirt.. I wish i could have Liam to comfort me. BUT NO! HE WAS IN THE  GOD DAMN HOSPITAL ROOM PASSED-OUT!!! I HATE HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM AND NEED HIM! We all froze as his mom was called in. She sniffed and nodded. We all pray that we would be allowed in next. Instead a tall bald male Doctor comes out saying,


"Well, I think you all deserve to know how Liam is doing. Since you have waited 4 hours or so." My eyes water up at his name gasping.


"He is, well.... You see there is good and bad news."


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