more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


11. Consequences

Liam's POV

I stormed up to the house with tears in my eyes. He took her. He hurt her. He changed her. He is the reason I lost her. I banged on the door to his condo. A girl answered. Her eyes looked the way Danny's did tonight, lost, insecure, lifeless, used. I softly held her hand and asked if she was hurt. She slowly moved her pointer finger to her the middle of her mouth signaling me to be quiet.


"Darling I know what he is doing. Just listen to me. Okay?" I quietly asked. She shakingly replied,


"I can't. I'm sorry h-he will hurt the only people I love if I h-he sees me talking to you." A single tear fell onto her cut cheek. Suddenly her body gave out, she became limp and motionless; he had drugged her. I slowly carried her out to my truck putting her in the back seat laying her down. I discover an old blue blanket, I then lied it on her damaged body. I knew she would be okay; I could tell it was only her first dose. I swung the door open and walked down a narrow dark hallway I could hear groaning. As I approached the room he was in I heard him scream out,


"TAYLOR! YOU WHORE GET BACK HERE!" I slammed the door into the wall causing an deep hole.  I grabbed his unbuttoned collar shirt yanking it up towards me. I punched his worthless drugged face.


"YOU SON OF A BIT-" he cut me off when he pulled a gun from under his bed triggering it at me shooting my left shoulder I grab it in pain.  Then I return to him, punching his gut. I then knock the gun out of his hands. I kneed him in the balls. I grabbed the gun shooting his right leg he yelled in pain. I panted, then knocked him out. I grabbed his ankle dragging him down the hallway. I could have picked him up, but I didn't want to look at him. He was an excuse for a human being, a embarrassment to the human race, a worthless joke, just like my dad. I dragged him down the porch steps thumbing his head. I threw him into the back of the truck.  I jumped into the passenger seat, turning to who I thought might be named Taylor, brushing through her bangs and biting my lip, pulling out of the drive way.


Danny's POV

*Slams on door*

I though to myself, Jordan. I gasped running into the kitchen grabbing a small but sharp knife. I hid it behind my back. I then look through the peep hole to the damaged boy, Liam. I gasp rushing to open the door. I run and embrace him. He held me very tight, he rested his head on my shoulder. I felt him relax a little bit. He held me as if it was the last time we would ever see each other. He made me feel warm, safe, loved. I felt a tear fall on my bare shoulder, he rubbed my back. I then lifted my head off his shoulder and discovered a bullet-hole on his left shoulder I gasp and released. He looked at me with his deep brown beautiful eyes.


"Liam what the hell is this? LI! What were you doing!? LIAM LOOK AT ME! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH GUNS? I THOUGHT YOU HATED THEM! IF I WOULD HAVE LOST YOU GOD KNOWS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME!" he didn't reply, just placed a soft kiss on my blushing cheek. He then held my hand leading me to his truck. I gasped looking at Jordan's bloody knocked out body. I turned my head into Liam's right shoulder. I then notice the passed out drugged girl in the back seat.


"WHAT, WHAT THE-" he cut me off.


"I-I went to Jordan's house and she answered the door, her eyes looked the same as yours, used, abused, hurt, lost. Then she passed out. He drugged her; I took her to keep her safe. I went to beat up Jordan, and he was high and drunk. I punched him a couple times before he shot me I tried to dodge it but instead he hit my shoulder. I then grabbed the gun shot his leg and came here." He said with guilt. He looked at the ground, I held his face


"Bring her inside and take him home." I said


"ARE YOU JOKING? IF HE'S NOT HURTING YOU IT'S SOME OTHER GIRL! YOU KNOW ABOUT MY PAST AND YOU KNOW I DONT LET THIS STUFF GO! LET ALONE WHEN IT'S TO THE GIRL I'M IN LOVE WITH." I had heard him say he was in love with me before, but this time was different. It was special. I  then wrapped my arms around his waist.


"I know Liam. I know about your dad, so do whatever you want with him. And... I'm in love with you too." I replied while looking at his flawless face.


"Ok." he said. Walking to his car and driving off.

 I carry the hurt girl onto my couch, using all the strength I had. Thankfully, my mom left an hour ago for a work meeting. I got an pillow and some meds, and water. I look around for some other tools to help her. I had some knowledge with drugs. My mom was addicted after the divorce and I once took care of her after she passed out. I put the pillow under her neck after I warmed it up. I then put an ice pack on her brused arm. It must have been from her fall. I then noticed her wake up. She held her arm, gasped and asked,


 "W-where am I?" I sat next to her opening the bottle of Ibuprofen handing her three pills and the glass of water.


"Just take it." I reply, she nods and placed the two pills on the back of her tongue and took a sip of water.


"Thank you." I smiled


"I's almost 10:00 am so do you like pancakes?" she laughed


"Yes. Can I help? I make some good bacon!" I giggle to myself,


"Why not!"


Jordan's POV

"Where am I?"

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