more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


7. Broken Birthdays

**A few weeks later** **Day before Danny's Birthday** 

Danny's POV

*Phone Vibrates*

From: Jordan

After your party, I have a special present for you ;) 

I suck in my breath sharply, remembering the pain I've been receiving endless from him. This is the 3rd time I would have to let him use me and it's taking it toll over me. I feel like there isn't anyone I can talk to without him finding out or anything I could do to stop it. There's no escape; It's like I'm trapped in some nightmare that refuses to end. I can tell that Liam is suspicious as to why I'd be around Jordan again, but lately I can't feel anything but the pain I deserve. I just want to be with Liam, but Jordan has something or someone watching me whenever he isn't around and I feel like a dog on a leash.


"Danny, you home?" I hear Liam's voice outside the screen door and I lick my lips nervously. I slowly creep over to the door, wincing every now and then from the pain of my lower body.


"Um, Liam... What are you doing here?" I say weakly. He lightly laughs, replying,


"I've come to visit you love. You haven't been replying to any of my texts or calls. I got worried, considering its been at least a a few weeks. Are you alright darling?" His kind and soft british accent makes my heart flutter; I'm glad to finally feel something other than the pain or fear. For once, I felt somewhat safe. I laugh, slightly anxious.


"Uh, I'm just fine Liam. I just dropped my phone and, it broke a while back. Sorry, you know how clumsy I get." Actually, I'm not clumsy at all, but he plays along otherwise. I open the door and he pulls me into a warm embrace, much different than what I've experienced lately.


"I missed you Danny. I've missed having my girl around to talk to." He sighs, making notice to the bruise near my ear but not telling me.


"I-I missed you too Li." He pulls away, giving me a warm smile.


"You sure you're alright?" I pull back my hair and nod, staring at the floor.




He watches me for a bit, making me anxious. Does he see the bruises and scars?? 


**Next day; Danny's birthday**

Danny's POV

 Ava, Maya, Reagan, and my good friend Courtney all showed up to my party my mom threw for me an hour early.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" They all shout. Maya and Ava, being my perverted friends, decide that it would be funny to joke around with me.


"So...has the birthday girl gotten lucky yet?" Maya teases.


"Still our little innocent Danny??" Ava adds. I stop smiling, tensing up to the subject. Luckily, my mother, who by the way I've never loved more than this exact moment, runs in yelling,


"The other guests are here, let's go eat cake!" Just then, Liam and more of my friends Cole, Brad, and Michael come in. Reagan and Courtney run to their boyfriends, kissing their lips lightly before laughing and holding their hands. I wish I could have a relationship like that... 


Liam's POV

"Happy Birthday Love."


I hug Danny softly, noticing that she's limp from something but don't call it out, until we're alone at least. I hate seeing this 'new Danny', who has less joy and scars from god knows what. I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted her, but she didn't feel the same. She was so perfect and beautiful. 

*Doorbell rings*

Reagan answers the door and attempts to hug Jordan, but he eagerly pushes off and glares around the room looking for someone... Danny. I feel my jaw tensing, and my fists clenching  as he strides past me into to kitchen to find Danny. I follow him and Reagan into the kitchen where I see him demandingly kiss her. All I can think of is how Danny looked when I had to get her from that alley, and it makes me so angry... no, PISSED that she'd go back to him. He finally pulls away when her mom enters the room and I see the light in Danny's eyes drain out once again. I sigh heavily before going up to her and pulling her into empty room next to the living room.


"What are you doing with Jordan? Do you not remember when I had to literally pick up your damaged body from that godawful alley and witness all the bruising and aching you had??" Danny bites her lip and leans closer.


"I'm sorry, I wish I could tell how much you mean to me, and how I miss you. But I can't. A-And you're just going to have to deal with that Liam, because I chose Jordan and not you. I really do care for you, but I am with Jordan now and you are going to have to accept that, I'm so sorry I wish you could understand."


"UNDERSTAND WHAT? THAT HE HURT YOU AND THAT YOU JUST RUN RIGHT BACK TO HIM LIKE HIS TOY? REALLY I THOUGHT THAT YOU WERE DIFFERENT THAT YOU HAD PRIDE IN YOURSELF AND THAT YOU DONT LET PEOPLE WALK RIGHT OVER YOU! GODDAMMIT DANNY." I snapped at her. Immediately after I said it, I regretted it. But if I was her best friend, I needed to give her a reality check. Although, it IS her birthday... NO Liam! Don't back down now! She glances at the door to check and see if it really is closed, then defensively yells back,


"YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE SHIT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH TO PROTECT YOU LIAM. I'm SOOO Sorry that you can't just shut up and mind your damn business for two seconds but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. NOW." I was speechless for a moment then I replied, hurt.


"I'm sorry for being your best friend, I'm sorry you never talk to me anymore, I'M sorry you aren't the Danny I knew and fell in love with. When your yourself again come see me. Happy freaking Birthday Danny." I stormed out the room and slammed the door.


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