more than friends

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? You felt the need to keep them safe? To protect them.. When in reality you were the one needing the protection? That is the story of me and my best friend Liam.


15. A Party to Remember

Liam's POV

I reply to the text not sure of what he might ask of me. It almost frightened me to find out, what he wanted.

To: Harry

yea what about it.

From: Harry

How about I yell you more about it face to face.

To: Harry

Ok where.. when

From: Harry 

How about at our friend.. Spencer's party?! Friday 8:30 p.m. sharp? You remember Spencer right... You and her only spent a "couple" nights at her house..  you know where to go.

I jump at the memory of Spencer. She was a girl I dated the summer Harry and I met, I moved so we sorta broke up.. 

To: Harry

Ok see you Friday 

From: Harry 

Night old pal

I rush to my bedroom door quietly not wanting to wake my mum up, I slip on boxers and some sweats and lay on top of my bed looking through my contacts, discovering I still had her number. I text Danny, Ava and Brad 

To: Ava, Danny, Brad

Hey wanna go to a party friday night 8:30?! I want to spend time with you guys 

From: Ava

Yea babe of course.. Hey since you remember every thing now.. why invite danny? I am still your gf right?

From: Danny

sure.. One question dressy or causal.. ;)

From: Brad

Who's party?

To: Brad 

my old friend Spencer's, but my friend Harry invited us

I turn off my phone not wanting to discus it any further going to bed. 

**Alarm Rings** 

I slam my hand on the clock realizing what day it was.. Friday.. Shit I really didn't want to go. Oh well. I shiver at the thought of what he might ask me to do.

**Later that Day**

I throw on some dark denim jeans, a V neck white top and some white vans. I lightly spray on axe cologne, style my hair and hop in my parents honda.


Danny's POV 

I jump as I notice the time 7:57 p.m. Liam had said to be ready at 8:15! CRAP! I sprint up stairs go into the bathroom brushing my teeth, placing light makeup on, and combing out my hair and curling it quickly. I rush into my closet slide my fingers over jeans sliding on a pair of white ripped up jeans that I had to squeeze into and a black top cut low in the front and a oval cut out in the back reveling my bare skin. I then jump into some lace black flats, grab my phone and spray perfume on. I run outside discovering Ava, Liam, and Brad in my drive way. I wonder how long they have been there? Oh well I say to my self jumping in the car.


"Hey." I say closing the door. I sat next to Brad in the back while Ava sat next to Liam, running her hand up and down his leg. I tense up with jealousy turning away smiling at Brad.


"Who's Party?" I question.


"Urm, my friend Spencer's. My friend Harry invited us." he said tensing up at the last part gripping the steering wheel harder.


"Oh, do I know him?"


"No we met the summer I lived with my uncle, haha man that year was rememberable. I think I brought some of you, Maya and Reagan I think, to a party where he was." he says, trying to think of other things.


"Where is this party?" Ava adds jumping in.


"Close." A couple minutes later we pulled up to a HUGE house with a pool, hot tub, tennis court, outdoor bar, EVERYTHING! Hundreds of people filled the house...


"HEY!" A very pretty Tall blonde says hugging Liam, winking flirtatiously before giggling. Ava tightens her grip in their hands Brad and me laugh quietly at the gesture. Ava leads Liam onto the dance floor and they grab a drink.


"Man, she sure is the jealous type!" I say laughing to Brad.  


"Can't blame her! Liam has you and her! Some of the hottest chicks around! I mean competition" he says as my cheeks turn pink and I bite my bottom lip.


"Haha thanks.. Well wanna go get a drink?"


"Sure." he says, following behind me. When we get there I notice there was only one drink left.


"You go ahead I will tell the bar tender to get some more out."


"Ok." I pick up the glass Having a sip and walk carelessly watching Liam over my shoulder. 


**Drink shatters**

"OH MY GOD! I am so sorry!" I say noticing I had bumped into someone. I kneel onto the ground in embarrassment. I throw away the pieces.


"Careful babe, let me help." a deep and rather sexy voice says over me I look up discovering a large figure. All tall masculine, VERY attractive, dark curly haired male. I stared into his deep green eyes as i slowly stand up discovering his damp white shirt reveling his toned stomach, I blush. SHIT. I figure out it was from the drink. 


"Shoot I am so sorry."


"Enjoying the view?" he says, chuckling. I blush grabbing a napkin attempting to soak it up. He laughs


"Here let me help." he teases grasping my hands and guiding them down his sides and to the edge of his shirt then guides my hand to grasp it. He slowly pulls it up letting me view his chest. I blush as his chest slowly becomes completely bare.


"What's your name love?" he whispers into my ear, pulling me close and wrapping his strong arms around my waist.


"Danny." I say biting my lip and putting my hands to his chest releasing myself. he laughs as he begins scanning up and down my body.




"Harry." he chuckles relieving his dimples.


"Wanna dance love?"


"My friend prob-" "He cuts me off leading my wrists around his neck as his hands travel to my lower back. He stares into my eyes smirking. I look down blushing, I start remembering that I am dancing with a shirtless guy. He starts to travel lower on my back searching for something.


"Do you have a phone babe?" he asks raising an eyebrow.


"Why don't you ask instead of using your hands?" I ask annoyed pulling my shirt over my pocket that contains my phone.


"That takes away the fun." he says moving his hands around my waist sliding my phone out of my pocket as he types in his number and texts himself. Well he has my number now.. Great.


"Thanks." he whispers before placing a trail kisses up to my ear then biting my ear and winking at me and leaves.


Liam's POV

**Tap on shoulder**

"Remember me?" Harry smirks. I notice he is wearing a different shirt than earlier.


"I'll be back." I say to Ava, kissing her. She slowly walks off and begins starting a conversation with brad.


"Man she's hot. You hit the jackpot didn't you Li." He says checking her out and teasing me. I tense up with jealousy.


"What do you need?"


"Lets talk inside." He walks into an empty room and shuts the door.


"I'm in deep."


"What did you do?"


"It's Jake." 

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