Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


9. Chapter 9

Hannahs POV: I woke up to a text from Niall it said 'We got 3rd!! Coming home today' I was so excited. I got up took a shower. I was in school at this time. People where calling me slut like normal. Niall had a few weeks to catch up on. I was really happy he as coming home. I got a text when i go tout of the shower. "get ready be there in five. Your coming over." Niall texted. I got dressed. My parents where out of town on vacation. Niall honked his horn. I ran outside and got into the house. We drove to his house. Nialls mom wasnt home. Niall and I hung out in his room. "Simon is going to get us a record deal." "Oh my gosh thats great Niall!" I hugged him. Our eyes met. I felt like I was in my dream I had months ago. I kissed him first this time.

Nialls POV: She kissed me. She knew I wanted to. I knew she wanted to aswell. I kissed her neck I took my shirt off. Then I went back to kissing her lips. She stopped kissing me and sat up. she took her shirt off reveiling her bra and skin. Then she layed back down. she placed her hands on my pant button. She unbuttoned them. She started to pull them off. I helped her a little. When I had mine off I took hers off.Her bra and underwear matched. She smiled at me. "Are we really going to do this?" she asked. I kissed her and didnt say anything. I started to feel up her sides like i had done before. "Niall touch me." She said I felt a little weird. She was my best friend, and now we are kissing almost naked in my room. Thesame room we use to play video games in while we where in 6th grade. I touched her upper body. SHe gabbed my underwear and started pulling them off me. I started pulling the blanket out from under her. She got them off the same time I got the blanket. When we where covered With the blanket we continued. She let me kiss her on her chest. She took her underwear off. started with my part. She let gasps excape her mouth. Moans and she kept saing my name. This was my first time. I didnt know what to do exactly. I dont think she did either. Our love was so pationant. I dont think it mattered. When we where done I layed down beside her. She looked to me and smiled. "I have to get home. My grandma is going to check on me at 5." She said. She got up and got dressed. "want a ride?" I asked. "As always yes I do." She laughed. I got dressed. "This is our little secret." She said. I winked at her.

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