Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


38. chapter 38

Hannah's POV:

Today, I go home. Niall was in my hospital room packing the things he had brought me over the past month of me being there. "Niall, really, let me help." I said. He shook his head no. "Why? I need to move around. I've been in this room for a month now and I can't take it anymore." I pleaded. Niall turned to me and stared at me with his tired eyes.

"I don't want you to have to lift your pretty little finger." He said to me. He leaned over the side of the hospital bed. I couldn't help but notice how incredibly sexy he looked. His hair was beyond messy from days of being at the hospital. His eyes where a darker shade of blue from lack of sleep. He had a plain white shirt and black jeans. I moved from sitting with my legs crossed to sitting on my knees. I sat up so our faces where inches apart.

"Niall, you are the father of my children. You're the love of my life, my best friend. I love you more than anything in this world. I love when you treat me like the princess that you think I am, but I need to do things for myself." I said. He smiled at me, then he closed the gap between us, kissing me.

Our lips moved in sync. He placed his had on my hips. He moved down and put his hands under my gown. He then laid me down placing his legs on either side of me. He moved his hands up to my stomach feeling up my sides. He kissed my neck leaving love bites.

 Niall stopped, leaving me wanting more. His placed his forehead on mine. "You are a princess, you're my princess." He stated, opening his eye and looking at me.

I looked up at him. "You're such a tease, Niall." I said pecking his lips. He smiled at me and moved of my body. He then went to my bag and got out an outfit. He handed me a big shirt and some sweat pants. I got up and put on my pants. I tried to put my shirt on but I couldn't lift my arms because I still had pain in my chest. I winced in pain. "Damn, Niall, I need help." I said.

He walked over to me and looked at me up and down. "Lift your arms as high as you can." He said. I did as I was told. He then placed the shirt over my head. He then took my left arm and helped me put it in the sleeve, then he did the same with the other.

Niall's POV:

I wanted her so badly. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her with more passion than I had ever done. I wanted to make love to her because I almost lost her and now all I want is to be with her every second.


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