Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


34. Chapter 34

Hannah's POV: I stepped in the shower. My skin became cold. Then the water heated up. Then I washed my body and hair. When I was done shaving I got out. I wrapped the towel around me. Then I got dressed.

Niall's POV: I was driving home when my phone rang. "Hello?" I said. "Hey Niall. I was wondering if you and Hannah wanted to come over to the park. Chelo wanted to tell Hannah something." Harry and Chelo got married a month after They had there baby. Joseph. That was only a few weeks before Lucas was born. "What does she need to tell her?" "Well I wanted to wait but I guess I can tell you. Chelo and I thought it would be awesome if we threw an Anniversary party for Hannah and you. Cause its in a few days. I mean if your busy then we can postpone." "No I think that's an awesome idea! What time do you want us there?" 'lets see. Its 8 now. Be here at 4. Bring Sydney. Nice clothes." "Alright. I will do that. Im glad we didn't have to be there in like an hour or something." I laughed. "Why?" Harry asked. "Well I don't know if I should say. Hannah may get mad." "Alright tell me when its important enough to say." "Alright. Well I am almost home so I will call you later." "Alright see ya at 4." "K bye." I said then I hung up. Soon I drove up our drive way. I walked into the house. Hannah was in the living room. She had fallen asleep. I woke her. "Hey babe." She said then she kissed me. I picked her up bridal style. "You know what we haven't done in a long time?" I asked. "What?" "Shower sex." "Niall!" Hannah laughed. "What just because we are trying to have a baby and we have another child doesn't mean we are old. I mean your only 22." I smiled. I carried her to the bathroom. "I already took a shower Niall. "Oh Shut up and get in." she laughed. But she did as I said. We stood there for a second. The steam from the shower started to rise. Hannah hugged me, It was a really tight hug. "I love you Niall." She said. I kissed her shoulder. "I love you too." Then she looked up at me. She grabbed my face and kissed me very hard. I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to me. Soon my tongue was exploring her mouth. I picked her up so her legs where around my waist. I slammed her roughly against the wall. She winced. Then I kissed her again. Roughly. "I don't see how this is helping us conceive a baby Niall." Hannah said in between the kisses. "Lets just say this is more for our fun." Hannah smiled while kissing me. Soon I was thrusting hard into her. She was moaning and yelling my name. I felt the pain on my back from her scratching it. Hannah reached her climax. She let loose. But It didn't stop me. I thrusted harder. "Hello?" I heard outside the bathroom door. "Its Liam. I decided I would stop by. Should I just come back later?" I looked at Hannah. "Come on I think I need a brake." Hannah said. I put her down and I kissed her. "Hold on Liam. I'll be out in a minuet." I said. "Don't you mean we?" Liam laughed. I could have swore I heard others laughing. But over the shower I couldn't be sure.

Hannah's POV: It wasn't the first time one of the boys over heard or walked in while Niall and I had sex. Maybe the first time that they heard me scream like that. Niall and I got out and got dressed. I wrapped my hair in a towel and walked out before Niall. "hi guys." I said seeing all the boys plus Chelo was in the room. Chelo was hiding her face behind Harry. They all smiled really big. Niall walked out without a shirt on. "Hey. Whats up?" He asked. "Well we wanted to speak with both of you. kinda. Well we just wanted to know if we could stay here until the rain lets up. It ruined the plans we had today." Louis said. I could tell he was trying hard not to laugh. I tried to ignore it. I walked into the kitchen. "Want something to drink?" I asked. No one answered so I decided it was a no from everyone.

Niall's POV: "So now that Hannah's gone. We need to postpone. Tomorrow?" Liam said. "Liam! The better question is where you having fun in there?" Zayn asked. I didn't answer. "Oh come on guys." I heard Hannah say. "To answer your questions. Yes it was fun." I felt my face turn beat red. Everyone laughed. "Do you want us to go so you can finish?" Harry joked. I smiled shyly. "You guys can hang out here if you want. Im going to go clean Sydneys room before she gets home. Chelo you want to join?" Hannah asked. Chelo and Hannah went to Sydneys room. Soon I was hounded with questions. "SO.?" Louis said. "It was fun." "Not only that from what I heard." Zayn laughed. "It was rough, Wait why am I explaining my sex life to you?" I asked. The boys didn't answer.

Hannah's POV: "So how was it?" Chelo asked. "You sound like we are in high school." "Ha! When you told me you and Niall had done it the first time you didn't give me any juicy details. Now spill it. How was it." "Ok Well. It was rough. We never have done it like that before. We have done so many new things. Its weird. I love it. But today Niall didn't only get rough with me. He was getting really mean with me. He slammed me against the wall. My back hurts. But it was so amazing Chelo." I said. "Yea I can tell he was getting rough by the scratches on his back." We laughed. I cleaned while we talked. "So last night. Niall was so weird about it. Last night was the first time since lucas." I was almost at a whisper. It still hurt really bad to mention it. "he was rough with me then too. But not like this." "Why are you guys doing it like everyday?" Chelo asked. I looked at her and looked away. I smiled a bit too. "Where is Joseph at?" I asked her. "He is at Harrys moms. You didn't answer me." "I cant tell anyone yet. I need to talk to Niall first." I stood up. "I think its clean enough. Lets go have lunch." I said walking out of the room. Niall and the boys where downstairs. "Guys I cant! We just got off this tour. I don't want to start another in a month." Niall said. "But its for the people who dot get to see us as much." "Its easier for you guys. Other the Harry he understands what its like to have a family. You three don't have a family. You can take you Girlfriends with us. Sydney has school and friends here. Hannah told me before Sydney that she didn't like to leave home for log periods of time. I just want to spend time with them." I walked downstairs and stood next to Niall. "Whats going on?" I asked. "Nothing. Can I talk to you in the kitchen?" Niall said looking at me. We went to the kitchen. "The boys want to start another tour in a month. I don't want to leave you. I don't want to leave Sydney. I just don't want to leave again." "Niall we are trying again. And if we have to wait then we will wait. Do what you think is right." "That's not helping me very much Hannah." "I know Niall. But I mean, We have time. Do what you think is right because I have no idea."

Nialls POV: I didn't know what to do either. I hugged Hannah tight. "If I go you have to go with me." I said. "What about Sydney?" "Your parents or mine can take her for two weeks. I mean we had Sydney almost right after I started my first tour.You have always lived In this town. You need to see the world." "Its not Sydney's fault that I never traveled with you." "Its no ones fault. Im just saying. Please Hannah 2 weeks." Hannah thought for a while. "Fine. But if I start to miss Sydney to much i'm coming home." I smiled and kissed her. "We will see. If I let you." I smiled. She laughed a little. "Im Making supper. What do you want?" She asked. "Why don't we go out. I have to go get Sydney now anyways. We can meet the boys and Chelo somewhere." Hannah nodded then went out of the room. "Fridays?" I heard Hannah say as I walked into the room. "Sure. We will meet you there." Then we all left. Hannah and I went to pick up Sydney.


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