Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


3. Chapter 3

Hannahs POV: I woke up that morning hoping the day would be good. Since it was friday it should be. I went to the bathroom took my shower, brushed and styled my hair, and brushed my teeth. Then I went to my room. there i had my make up set out. I did that then went down stairs to eat my breakfast. Cereal and toast. After I was done I walked to school. Dylan was in the lunch room at his table with his friends, and that girl from yesterday. I never questioned him about her. I didnt want him to think i was jelouse of her. I am not. I walked to my table where I saw Harry,Liam,Zayn,and Louis. Louis is a senior. Harry is in 10th. liam,Niall,zayn, and I are in 11th. "Hey guys what are you up too?" I asked. "We all are going to the X-factor auditions today after school. We will be an hour early. wanna go?'' Harry asked. "Isnt this your second year trying out Liam?" I asked. "Yea. I cant wait to see Simon again." He said. I noded and smiled. "Where is Niall?" I asked. Everyone looked behind me and smiled. Then Zayn finally said "He is right behind you." I looked behind me and i saw Niall and Bella, a girl I hate, i saw them together. Niall and Bella walked up to us. "hey guys." Niall said. Bella glared at me. "uhh Hi Niall. Are you going to the X-factor auditions tonight with the boys and I?" I asked. "Yea! I am auditioning. I am so exited. OH! Uh Bella everyone. Everyone, Bella" he said. She just glared at me some more. "Hi bella." i mumbled. The boys said hi aswell. I turned. "well Ill see you guys after school. Bye" I said then I walked off. I went to Dylans table. "Hey Hannah" They all said. "Hey James. and Carla." I said back. "uhh" I said looking at the strange girl Dylan was sitting next too. He didnt notice. "Dylan. I cant meet up after school today. I am going to the X-factor auditions with my friends." I said it kinda like, I didnt want to go to your house today anyways. "alright thats ok. I was gonna have to cancel anyways. I am going to my grandmas this weekend. We are driving there tonight." I smiled and noded. "I have to get to class. Bye babe." I said then I kissed him. "Bye." He said. I walked to Math. Niall was already in class, at his seat. I sat down. "so Bella huhh?" "yea. isnt she amazing? she is very beautiful too." "Huhh." "Dont tell me." "Tell you what?" "You didnt like her since kindergarden I get it you still dont like her. But can you please be happy for me?" "Yes Niall I am happy for you!" then class started. After school I went with Harry to the Auditions. Harry and I are very close we talked about everything under the sun. Even the stupid things. The akward things like my period. Or anything! when i got into the car it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. "Whats wrong?" Harry asked. "I don tlike Bella." "Why?" "She is just so.. mean." "Oh I see. Are you jelouse?" "Harry! i am not jelouse of a thing like her!" I said. Harry began to drive. "Then what are you?'' "Harry I have a boyfriend. I dont need to be jelouse of any girl." "Yea but is he the best for you Hannah?" "What are you getting at Harry?"

Harrys POV: I couldnt believe she or anyone else couldnt see it! Niall and Hannah where ment for each other! Why couldnt she see it? "Nothing." I said. We rode the rest of the way talking about stupid things. Avoiding anything on that topic. She was jelouse I could tell. Liam wass the first to sing. He got in! Hannah freaked out she was so happy for him. Simon stood up for him. almost everyone did. Then Niall auditioned. Hannah looked worried. Like she wanted him to get in but wasnt sure he would. He did. Then it was louis. he sang 'hey there delila' He did great aswell. Then it was Zayn. He always liked Mario. He got into the X-factor with one of his songs. Then it was me. I did 'isnt she lovely' I did it acapela. Hannah freaked out when we all got in. I was happy too. I couldnt wait for the first show.

Dylans POV: I went home that evening with Amber. As far as my mom and dad know Hannah and I broke up the day she stormed out of my house. We might as well be. I sat down with Amber at my side. She and I where like best friends. I lost my virginity to her she lost it to me. I think it will work out. How and I gonna tell Hannah? i dont really care for her. She is trusting, but I dont like her friends. The only reason I cheated on her is because I thought she was cheating on me with that Harry person. Whatever, doesnt matter now. I have Amber.

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