Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


27. Chapter 27

Nialls POV: I went into our room and layed down. I knew Hannah was suspecting something. I just didn't know how to tell her. I did something really wrong this time. She is going to hate me. she walked in to the room. she stood leaning on the door frame. Her arms where crossed. "Alright spill it." She said. "Spill what?" I asked. She walked over to me and sat on the bed. "You know what." she looked so serious. Her eyes pierced into mine. I sat up and kissed her. "Don't yell at me. Don't get mad. Just hear me out. Alright?" I said. "Just tell me." "Hannah I love you. More then anything. I was on tour and, Well I was out at a party for the band. I met my ex Girlfriend from Ireland. When I went to school there. Well I was drunk." I stopped. "So what?" She asked. "We made out." I mumbled hoping she wouldn't hear me. She stood up. She looked really mad at me. She turned around and walked out of the room. I waited a minute. Then I got up and followed her. I found her in the kitchen. "Hannah. I didn't mean it. I swear. I don't love her." She turned around and threw a glass cup at me. "How could you Niall!" She screamed. "Hannah calm down." "Don't tell me to calm down Niall. You cheated on me." She yelled again. "Hannah. She kissed me first." I said. "I don't give a shit what she did first. You didn't stop did you? You just kept kissing her. Didn't you?" She said a little quieter. "I didn't stop." I said. She started for the door. I blocked her. She looked at me with anger. She slapped me. Then she pushed me out of the way. I heard her walk up stairs. A little later I heard her come down stairs. I peaked my head out and saw her carry Sydney and a bag full of there clothes. I stopped her before she left the house. "Hannah please." I had tears in my eyes. "What Niall." She was mad. I heard it in her voice. "I love you. Please don't leave. Please." I got on my knees. I hugged her body. She backed away from me. Sydney had her head on Hannah's shoulder. She was asleep. "Niall I love you so much. I have been hurt by so many people. I don't want to get hurt anymore." She had tears in her eyes. "I love you too. Please Hannah. you know I wouldn't do that. It wasn't me. I was drunk." She handed Sydney over to me. She didn't say anything but she walked away. I heard our door slam shut. I walked into Sydneys room and layed her down again. I tried to walk into our room. The door was locked. So I knocked. "Hannah please let me into the room. I heard her move around. Then the door opened. I didn't even have time to speak. She jumped on me and I caught her. She looked me in the eyes. "Niall I love you more then life. And you hurt me. Now I am going to ask you one thing." "Whats that?" "Is she a better kisser them me?" "To be completely honest she sucks at kissing." She laughed. She cuped my face in her hands. Then she kissed me. "I am still mad at you." "I am mad at me too." I said. I pulled her away from me. I looked at her in her eyes. "I love you." I said. She smiled and kissed me. I held her in my arms and I brought her to the bed. I placed her gently down on the bed. I never stopped kissing her.

Hannah's POV: Niall laid me down on the bed. He stopped kissing me and took his shirt off. "Niall. what if Sydney wakes up?" I said. We had done this before with her in the house. Lately she has been having nightmares. She comes into our room and sleeps beside us. "She will be fine." He said to me. Then he started kissing me again. I sat up and Niall took my shirt off. Even though we where married now. We still have that passion we did before. If not we have more now. Niall took off his pants then mine. sitting there in our underwear I heard the door open. Niall was still kissing me and he didn't notice. I hit his shoulder commanding him to stop. Sydney walked up to the bed. Niall and I looked at her. Niall got off of me and laid down next to me. "Was daddy hurting you mommy?" She asked. "No baby. What's the matter?" I asked. "I had a bad dream. Can I sleep beside you?" She asked. "No baby you need to sleep in your own bed." I heard Niall say. I got up and put on my robe. I walked with Sydney to her room. "What are you scared about?" I asked her. "I don't like the dark." She said. I turned to her lamp beside her bed. I turned it on. "There you go." I said. "And the closet. Its scary." She said. I closed the closet door. "Anything else?" I asked. "No mommy." "Alright Sydney we need to get to bed. Good night baby I love you." I said. Then I kissed her head. She laid back down. I walked back into my room. Niall sat there waiting for me. I shut the door and climbed back into bed. Niall kissed me again and again. Then he got on top of me once more. Soon we where completely naked. Niall and I took longer then we normally did. When we where done Niall laid back down beside me. He pulled me closer to him. "I am sorry." He whispered into my ear. "Everyone makes mistakes. I love you anyways." I said with a smile. She smiled back. Then he kissed my nose

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