Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


26. Chapter 26

Nialls POV: I knew that if Amber was having trouble she would get through it. I didnt want her to come around here anymore. Hannah and I layed in bed talking about anything under the sun like we did before we where even dating. ''You know our anniversary is in a week from today." She said. "Our wedding?" "yea Niall. Our wedding was on the day we got together as a couple." She laughed. " thought it was the other thing." I said. She looked at me. Her face had no emotion. "You remember that exact day?" She asked. "I mean we won 3rd in the X-Factor. More important that was the day I knew I was inlove with you." She smiled. "And it was the day I got a gun pointed to my face." She laughed. she moved and got out of bed. She got dressed and went out of the room. "Where are you going?" I yelled. "If you told mom we where going to unpack the boxes, then we need to unpack!" She yelled back. I laughed and got up. I dressed myself then went down stairs. I unpacked a few boxes the I got bored so I went back upstairs. Hannah was in Sydneys room. "We should go get her bed. Then we could set up the crib in the nurssery." She said. She got up. "We can go get it how." She walked past me. i heard her foot steps going downstairs. i smiled then turned. She was already to the door when I made it down stairs. We got into the car and drove to the store. We looked at beds. Hannah really liked the wood framed bed. We got it. Then we went to get a matress for it. We got that and went home. I helped her set the bed up. Then we finished decorating. We moved to the nurssery. Hannah and I desided we would paint it. Like Noahs ark. It was 7pm when we got done with the upstairs. Then we desided we where done for the day. We ate supper at home since hannah unpacked that the first day we got here. Then we took a shower. We went to bed. I snuggled close to Hannah. I never wanted to let her go.

*Next day*

Hannahs POV: Niall and I woke up. We picked up Sydney. She showed us everything her and mom did together. We drove home. "Sydney lets go to your room. I have a surprise for you." I said. We walked to her room. She loved it. The new bed and everything. "I love you mommy." She said. Then she hugged me. "I love you too baby." I said. I went down stairs Niall was in the kitchen. I hugged him. "You alright?" He asked. I looked up at him. "I love you." I said. He smiled and kissed me. "I love you more." He said. "Doubt it." I said. I heard a crash coming upstairs then Sydney screaming. I ran as fast as I could to her. Niall was right behind me. She was laying on the ground in her room. She hit her head on the side of the night stand. It caused it to fall over and break a glass vase. I held her in my arms. She was bleeding. "Oh my gosh Niall. Call the ambulance. Now!" I yelled. he ran to the phone and did what I told him. "hnag in there Sydney. Baby please look at me." She did. "Mommy my head hurts." "I bet it does. We are gonna go to the hospitial ok? You will feel better." A few minuets later the ambulance was there. They covered her gash in her head. They they took her to the hospital. I went with her. Niall followed in the car. When we got there tthey checked her out and gave her 5 stitches. They said if she hit any harder her skull would have cracked. We took her home. We sat her down on the couch. "Sydney." I said. "You cant jump on the bed. Alright? If you do it again you could get hurt even worse then you did today. So the bed is just to sleep in alright?" She noded. "Alright baby. Bed time in an hour alright?" I said. She noded again. I took her hand and lead her to the living room. Niall was there. He was playing his guitar. Sydney ran up to him. "Daddy. When I get older I wanna be a singer just like you!" He laughed. He sat up and put his guitar down. He put his hands on his shoulders. "I bet you will be even better then me!" She smiled at him. Niall picked her up. "I know its not your bed time but maybe you should lay down anyways, we want your head to heal now don't we." She nodded. Niall looked at me and walked past me. He went to her room. I followed. We tucked her in and kissed her good night. Then we turned out the lights and walked out of the room. Niall and I walked into the living room. I sat beside him. "I am thinking that when Sydney goes to school, And if we don't have another baby running around, I will get a job." I said. Niall looked at me. "Why?" He asked. "I will be bored. I don't like being bored all the time." he nodded. I got up and went to bed. Niall stayed in the living room. I didn't know what was up with him but I didn't like how he was acting. Like he had something to hide from me.

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