Hi Im Hannah. Im Dating a guy named Dylan. He is really hot. But he is a little jealous of my friends Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn. We all go to school together. Yea he is the bad boy type. But he will never hurt me. Although lately our relationship has gone down hill. :( I guess if you wanna know more you can read my story.


21. Chapter 21

Hannahs POV: I opened my eyes slowly. Niall was staring at me. I smiled. "I told you I would greet you properly." I moved closer to him. I kissed his lips. "Hello babe. How was the last show?" I asked. "It was amazing. it would have been better if you where there." He said to me. I smiled. They we heard a big crash. Niall got up wuickly to see what the boys where doing. I got up too. Harry was in the kitchen picking up pieces of glass. I bent down to help him. I felt pains in my belly. I grabbed my belly. I didnt show any emotion because I didnt want Niall or the boys to worry. Harry looked up at me. "Hannah are you ok?" He asked. I stood up. The pain got worse. I almost colapsed but Niall and Harry both caught me. "Oh my god." I said. Niall looked at Harry. "What the hell is going on?'' he asked. "Niall my stomache hurts." I said. "Are you in labor?" Liam asked running into the room. "I cant be my water didnt break." I said. "Someone call an ambulance" Niall yelled. Liam left the room.

Nialls POV: When the ambulance showed up Harry and I got Hannah to the couch. They checked her out. "She is just experiencing false labor. If this happens again just give her something hot to drink and keep her off her feet untill the pain goes completly away." "Alright." I said. Then they left. I layed in our bed. She had a baby bump. She looked at the wall. I walked in quietly, I layed on the bed. She looked at me. Her face lite up. She grabbed my hand and placed it to her belly. The baby was kicking. I smiled. I kissed her. "I like the name Lucus. and I also like-" Hannah said I cut her off "Sydney" I said. Hannah smiled at me. The baby stopped kicking. So I began rubbing her belly instead. She smiled at me. "We need to go shopping. Help me up." She said. "Do you feel alright?" "i feel fine." So I helped her up. We walked into the living room. "Boys you wanna go with us?" She asked. "Where to?" "Baby shopping." "Sure. but we need to put on like hoodies and stuff so we wont get chased." I got hoodies for us all. Even Hannah. We put them on then went to the baby store. We got a crib and a baby changing table. then we went to the mall. This was why we needed to wear hoodies. We got baby clothes and toys. We also got a rocking chair. Then we went home. Hannah cant lift anything at the moment so the boys and I put everything where she wanted it. She had a big smile on her face after we were done. "Thank you boys. Are you going to sleep over tonight again?" I asked. "Why not" Louis said. "I cant." "Niether can I." Liam and Zayn said. "Sure." Harry said. "We got to go. We are going to visitt our familys." Liam said. Then Liam and Zayn left. Louis started to make dinner. Hannah went to go take a bath. Harry went out to get Hannah some tea. I cleaned around the house. "Niall!" Hannah yelled. I ran to her. I almost slipped on thw water on the floor. "what?" I said. "Niall my water just broke." "What?' "Niall my freaking water broke!" I helped her out of the tub.

Hannahs POV: The pain was un barable. Niall helped me out of the tub. I am only 7 months pregnant. Niall drove me to the hospitile Louis was going to to wait for harry then drive him there. The contractions where bad. When we finally got there they let m in right away. I had to wait till I was 10 centemeters. It took several hours. Niall called Liam and Zayn and our parents. They where there before we got into the delivering room. They had to do a seasection (Idk how to spell that correctly sorry) Niall was in there holding my hand. They got the baby out and then sewed me up. I didnt even get to see it. "Where are they taking my baby?" I asked. "They are giving her a check up. She is very pre-mature." Niall looked at me. They moved me to my room. I kept asking "Where is my baby?" They answered with "She is ok" The first time. "Niall looked to me. "Its a girl." "I want to see my baby!" I yelled. I started to cry. Niall tried to calm me down. It didnt work. They left us two in my room. "Niall what if this is because of me not taking care of myself? What if this is all my fault?" I started to cry again. "Hannah its not your fault." He told me. I would shake my head and yell at him. "Oh Niall we both know it! We oth know if I would have taken care of myself she would be healthy!" I yelled. He wouldnt talk. He just stared at me. They brought her in. She was in an encubator thing. We couldnt touch her. There were needles and tubes in her. I couldnt look at her. I was in tears. "I cant." I said. Niall went over to our baby. "Oh my gosh." He was crying but not for the reason I was. "She is so beautiful." He said. My mom came into the room. She looked at our baby. Then she came and sat next to me. She moved the hair out of my face. "Sweety-" She said. "Dont mom. Just dont. I cant deal with it today." I said. She smiled at me and kissed my head. "Alright. I will be back." I didnt say anything more. I felt so alone. "Bring her over to me." I said to Niall. He did. I turned my head so I could see her. I started to cry again. "She is very beautiful." I said. "She looks like you that why." Niall said. I blushed. "She is very special." I said. "Yea she is." He told me. Niall left to go get something to eat. I fell asleep. I cried a little before I did though. fell like everything is my falt. Like the only reason she isnt doing well is because of me.

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