i will never forgive you

"im sorry, I didn't mean to make you fall in love with me." he said. I stared into his emerald green eyes
"no. you're not sorry or you would have told me sooner. im the one that's sorry. sorry I ever loved you!" I shouted my eyes filling with tears
"please charlotte, let me explain" he almost begged
"no. we're done. Its over styles"
"please forgive me..."
"I will never forgive you!"


5. why?

harrys p.o.v


it was about 11 when Louis slowly crept out from his room. he took a duvet and placed it on the couch

"what are you doing?" I asked

"charlotte fell asleep and if I had stayed in there things could get akward!"  he replied. I laughed

"well I going bed, see you tomorrow" I said and went up the stairs. I went to my door and stopped. I saw Louis door slightly open. I couldn't help myself but go in. she was so beautiful asleep.  kept staring and staring. she was perfect


nialls p.o.v


I saw harry come out of Louis room as I went to get a midnight snack. I went downstairs and when I came back he was in his room. I crept into Louis room to see what he was in there for. I went in to find the girl charlotte asleep on his bed, she looked, well perfect


liams p.o.v


I knew something was up with charlotte and harry. I wanted to find out from her what though. I knew Louis was downstairs on the couch and she was in his room. I went in there to find her sleeping peacefully on the bed. I was about to turn and leave when she started to mumble something. I went nearer to her to find out what she was saying

"how could you, I loved you, never, never, I will never forgive you" she mumbled. I heard someones footsteps and dived next to the bed. Louis


Louis p.o.v


 I woke up half way through the night and realised I had left my pillws upstairs. I crept up there and into my room trying not to disturb charlotte. she looked gorgeous when she slept. I mean nothing on el but I suppose I have a biased opinion. I took the pillows and then left


zayns p.o.v


I saw Louis come out of his room and shortly after liam followed him out. what was going on in there. after liam had gone in his room and Louis had gone downstairs I crept in. charlotte was lying there asleep. looking absoloutely gorgeous!



the next morning

charlottes p.o.v


"alrigt" I said as I went int the living rom where all the boys were "which one of you kissed me last night?" the boys all looked at eachother trying to work out who it was




duh duh duh... who kissed her. does harry want her back. what about niall, he's single. Louis could really like her. but liam or zayn could aswell. who was it? xx

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