i will never forgive you

"im sorry, I didn't mean to make you fall in love with me." he said. I stared into his emerald green eyes
"no. you're not sorry or you would have told me sooner. im the one that's sorry. sorry I ever loved you!" I shouted my eyes filling with tears
"please charlotte, let me explain" he almost begged
"no. we're done. Its over styles"
"please forgive me..."
"I will never forgive you!"


4. the boys

liams p.o.v


we heard a knock on the door.

"i'll get it" I yelled as I got up and went over to answer it. there was a girl there. she was in tears.

"whats up?" I asked and she pointed to a figure n te ground. I rushed ove to it to find it was Louis. uncosious and barely breathing

"what happened?" I asked the girl.

"I-I-I I was at the sk-skating r-rink a-and h-he-he-he he col-col-collapsed and there was n-n-nobody a-around to h-help so I drove him b-b-back here. c-can y-y-you h-help him?" she stuttered

"of cours, wd'll bring him inside and call an ambulance" I replied

"I've already called one. th-they are on their w-w-way"

"come in" I said as I picked Louis up. she followed me in. I looked at Louis, even unconscious he still had a mischevious grin on is face. I put Louis on the couch and went to get the others. I had been out the room a second when I heard a scream

"whats happened?" I yelled as I ran in the room, all the boys closely behind me

"he stopped breathing" the girl said. I ran over to Louis and turned him over. his mischevious smile was gone and he was pale.  I leaned over to give him cpr when his eyes opened

"gotcha" he yelled and started laughing. the girl started laughing to

"what?!?!" I exclaimed

we fooled ya. liam meet charlotte, charlotte meet liam" Louis said

"so this was all a trick?" the girl nodded "your a really good actress" I said

"that's cuz I am an actress" she replied and  I smiled. that explains a lot.

"anyway shes gonna meet the other boys and then we're gonna go watch a film" Louis said and lead charlotte into the other room. I was confused. Louis was with Eleanor. are they related, really good mates or what?


Louis p.o.v


I lead her into the other room. harry, zayn and were all in there.

"niall, zayn this is charlotte, charlotte this is niall and zayn" I said they came forward and gave er a hug whilst harry came over to me

"what the hell are you doing lou. shes my ex" he hissed

"okay harry, 1 she doesn't count as an ex because that was just horrid what you did to her and 2 I brought her back here for you and im trying to make her give you a second chance" I hissed back before turning to charlotte

"so what movie?" I asked as I lead her into my room

"oh my god you have cat in the hat. best film ever!" she said and I smiled

"cat in the hat it is" I put the dvd in its the player and ordered the pizza. half way through the fil I turned to her

"so do you reckon you'll ever forgive harry?" I asked

"I don't think so. but lifes not certain is it. but whatever happens I hope you'll be my friend"she replied

"best friends!" I said and gave her a hug. it made me feel even happier when she hugged back. no matter what she says I am getting her and harry back together!

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