i will never forgive you

"im sorry, I didn't mean to make you fall in love with me." he said. I stared into his emerald green eyes
"no. you're not sorry or you would have told me sooner. im the one that's sorry. sorry I ever loved you!" I shouted my eyes filling with tears
"please charlotte, let me explain" he almost begged
"no. we're done. Its over styles"
"please forgive me..."
"I will never forgive you!"


9. regrets

louis p.o.v


"charlotte wait" I heard harry yell in my direction. I saw a familiar girl storm in my direction. tears ran down her face. harry was running behind her. I stopped in front of harry

"move lou" he growled

"no haz, i'll go speak to her. she needs to calm down before she speaks to you." I replied before walking in the direction charlotte walked off in. I found her sitting on a curb head in knees. I sat down besides her

"well if it isn't my little acting buddy" I said. she looked up and gave me a weak smile

"why him?" she asked

"I dunno charlotte. maybe fate. maybe coincidence. or maybe he took the role because he knew you were in this movie." I said. the look on her face was priceless.

"he did what?" she asked

"we all got offered the role. we would all have been happy to take it but harry said he wanted it. sai that he regrets all the mistakes he's made and that he wants another chance" I said. the tears fell faster down her face

"im sorry lou. he may be your best mate and you want him to be happy but he lost his second chance after he said. what was it again? oh yh im nothing to him. its too late lou. its time I moved on" she said. I was shocked

"you heard that?" I asked

"yes I heard it lou" she said before walking back inside. I followed her in an saw her walk straight past harry

"charlotte" he said almost sounding desperate.

"shut it styles. you lost me. twice. now its time to move on. both of us!" she replied before walking back towards where they were filming

"im sorry haz, I tried" I said. he looked me in the eyes, his expression blank

"its okay. shes right. I've got to move on. I mean come on. I never wanted her in the first place. we can just be co-stars that's all" he said before walking after charlotte back on to set. I guess they are never getting back together. but even so. I feel close to charlotte. I mean its like we're friends, not that we really know eachother much.

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