i will never forgive you

"im sorry, I didn't mean to make you fall in love with me." he said. I stared into his emerald green eyes
"no. you're not sorry or you would have told me sooner. im the one that's sorry. sorry I ever loved you!" I shouted my eyes filling with tears
"please charlotte, let me explain" he almost begged
"no. we're done. Its over styles"
"please forgive me..."
"I will never forgive you!"


7. harry?

charlottes p.o.v


I got out the shower and put my clothes on in the bathroom before going into the livng room. all the boys were there apart from harry.

"so who was it?" I asked. they all looked at eachother nervously before Louis spoke

"it was harry" he said and all the boys stared at him

"harry?" I asked and Louis nodded

"yep harry, he didn't want to be here when we told you" Louis replied

" cant deal with this" I said walking out the door and slamming it shut in the process. I was about to walk off when I heard harrys voice. I put my ear to the door and listened

"what happned?" harry asked

"we kinda told her that, ummm that.." niall said

"that?" harry interrupted

"that it was you" niall said finishing his sentence. I was confused. so it wasn't harry that kissed me. it was someone else. I was about to knock on the door and apologise to harry when he spoke again.

"you what, how could you?" he yelled

"so you could get her back harry" louis replied calmly. harry wanted me back? no I definitely cant deal with this. I was done with him 3 years after he ruined my life and humiliated me.

"but you don't understand, I don't want her back. shes nothing to me. that's why I went out with her for a dare. why did you have to bring her back here Louis?" harry yelled. the tears fell down my cheeks when he said this. I thought he liked me. but he doesn't... again. now he's humiliating me in front of his friends. thanks harry thanks a lot. I started to walk off when I heard the door slam and harry ran out the house and into his car. he didn't see me. he looked so angry though. why wasn't I god enough for him. I mean I didn't want him but if I did. clearly he only wants girls who are perfect and didn't used to be ugly ducklings.

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