The Loner (A Niall Horan FanFiction)

Carol is all alone, she has no friends at school and her parents died when she just began high school but her only way she has pulled through this is one direction and their music, if it weren't for them then she doesn't know where she would be. What happens when she bumps into Harry styles and he invites her to his house? Will two of the lad fall for her or vise versa?


1. Running into who??

Carol's POV I sat in my room alone and blasted some one direction tunes, they were my only escape from school and my parents death which was real rough on me since me and my mom were real close and her death almost killed me on the inside. It was Friday night and I was alone as always, listening to one direction tunes singing along and dancing around like an idiot, I really wanted to meet them one day but I honestly couldn't afford it and it wasn't an easy world to make that much money in but I still have my hope and dreams and maybe one day they will come true. I fixed some Mac and cheese then sat in my room once again and ate the yummy food, I then took a nap for an hour or two then I awoke and continued listening to music as I thought I need friends and I laughed at that thought cause I had one direction to make me happy so I was just siting on my bed. I decided to go roam through the streets singing since I was bored so I grabbed my bag and slipped on my shoes then left.   I walked down the street singing one thing by one direction then I sat down on a bench and continued to sing 1d tunes soon people gathered around me cheering for more so I gave them what they wanted and I continued to sing random one direction songs I knew. Then someone screamed "sing last first kiss" I was getting emotional cause that song represented me and nialls solo was flawlous so I sang the song they wanted me to sing soon it was getting late so I told them I had to go and said I was sorry and walked away.    I was walking to my house and I ran into someone and I fell "I'm so sorry love, are you ok?" I heard a thick British accent that was slow and deep I would know that voice anywhere it was Harry styles "it's ok" I said becoming more and more nervous by the second "ok, let me help you up" he said holding out his hand for my to grab so I did and he pull me up quick "I'm Harry, what's your name?" He said as I was nearly one foot away from me "I'm carol and don't you think we should leave the streets before you get mobbed" I said looking around the area "nice name, yah we should we can go to my place if that's fine with you" he said grabbing my hand gently and I looked down as we began to walk down the streets to his house.   Harry's POV I could tell she was nervous while we were walking to my place "why are you so nervous?" I asked looking at her "I don't know I think it's just that I'm with a member of my favorite band" she said and I nodded while we continued walking to my house "so you excited about meeting the other boys?" I asked curiously "yes I am" she said smiling at my and letting out a giggle "they'll be happy to see you too carol" I said smiling widely "oh yah I know" she giggled and I nodded as we continued walking towards my house soon we arrived and I knocked on the door and Louis opened it...
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