The Curly Haired Boy!

My Name is Jessica Wander I'm n love with a celebrity he's the one that changed my life forever.


2. Movie

"Romeo I love you." Ok this movie is so lame I'm the only one in the theater not crying."Jessica?",Harry whispers. "Yeah?",I ask. "Their sorta like us." "What do you mean?",I ask. The movie ended we got up and walked out then some guy grabbed me I turned around and saw an old friend."Jessica darling it's been along time." Ok I know  another celebrity Josh Husterson we kissed once and then we never talked again. "Omg Josh!" I yell "Look I still have this." He shows me a picture of us kissing he hired some guy to get a pic of us so he would remember that day.I blush I turn to Harry and he's not there."Nice seeing you Josh but I  got to go." I say."Okay bye darling.",He says. I run to Harry's car and there he was."WHAT THE HELL?" I yell. "Sorry I don't like him.",He says. "WHY?!",I yell.Before he says anything he kisses me."There put that in a frame." I'm frozen I can't even talk to him

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