Daydream :)

So basically I had a daydream.. About *cough* The Script *cough* and felt like posting it. ENJOY!


1. Chapter One

I was surrounded by about twenty other girls, all crowding around me as the concert went on. I had finally saved up enough to go see one of my favourite bands, The Script. Occasionally one of the girls would proclaim their love for Danny or Glen, sometimes Mark too.


"Now! It's nearly the end but we have one last surprise for one of you lucky Scripters! Under your seats, we placed a ticket with a number on it. If your number gets called, you get to meet us backstage!" Danny announces, much to everyone's pleasure. I check under my seat and sure enough, there was a ticket with a number on it. 312...


"And the winner is... 312!" Glen says. Wait.. No way. "Can the winner come up on stage?" I make my way up on stage and I feel my legs start to get weaker and weaker as I see my idols getting closer and closer with every step I take. I eventually reach Danny and he puts his arm around me, sending a cold shiver down my spine.


"And what's your name honey?" Danny says, holding the microphone up to my mouth. I try not to look out at the crowd as I open my mouth to talk but my gaze falls upon someone who definitely didn't seem too happy..


" Um Rachel.." I say, my voice slightly quivering. Danny's head turns to me and my eyes lock onto his, his eyes mesmerizing and beautiful.. He smiles at me and winks, turning his focus back to the crowd.


"Beautiful name hon! Now that's the end of our gig tonight! Hope you all had fun! Good night!" Danny yells, making everyone scream with excitement. Danny led me backstage with Glen and Mark just behind. Is this really happening? Or is it a dream? 


*Ok. I realise not many of you are happy about me not writing about 1D as much as i used to. As long as this is my account I write what I want ok? I don't write these to meet people's standards, i write them because I want to..


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