Justin Bieber? In love with me?!?!

Lilly and her best friend when she sees justin bieber the love of her life right in front of her.. ❤


14. Video games

“Lilly is coming with us!” Christian yelled.

“Um I don’t know if she...” Justin started to say.

“It’s okay.” I said to Justin.

I kissed him then walked with Ryan, Chaz, and Christian to the car.

“Are you having fun” Ryan asked me.

“Yes!” I said smiling.

“How did you meet Justin?” Chaz asked.

“Um… I met him at the mall and he asked me out to dinner.” I replied.

“What’s your favorite food?” Christian questioned.

“Hah probably spaghetti.” I said

“I like you already!” Ryan yelled out.

“Do you love Justin?” Chaz asked.

“Yes I really do.”  I said suddenly getting serious.

“She’s a keeper!” Chaz said.

Then we stopped at a house and Justin behind us.

“I hope they didn’t torcher you too much.” Justin said.

“Us? Torcher? Nah.” Christian replied.

I laughed and then ran over to Justin. We walked inside then they all ran over to the couch grabbed controllers and started playing video games.

“Come here babe” he said.

I came over and he pulled me on to his lap then continued playing video games. I turned and kissed Justin. He smiled. We started kissing again this time he dropped his controller forgetting all about the video games.

“Justin what happened?” Ryan asked as he turned around to find us making out.

I turned around then smiled.

“Sorry I had to borrow Justin for a second.” I said still smiling.

Then I got up and sat in a chair across the room. Justin was staring at me then he mouthed ‘come back’. ‘Win the game first’ I mouthed back. So he grabbed the controller and started playing again. After a while the game was over and Justin won. I walked back over and sat on Justin’s lap again.

“Nice game Bieber.” I said.

“Do I get a something for winning?” Justin smirked.

“Yes I think you do.” I replied.

I placed my lips on his and closed my eyes as our lips touched, feeling a zap of electricity. The room seemed to spin around me. I never wanted that moment to end. I felt his hands pull me closer. The passion in the kiss was amazing. I wanted him and only him nobody else in the world mattered. I ran my hands through his hair, pulled his face to mine. It was wonderful, perfect. I could almost see the fireworks.

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