Justin Bieber? In love with me?!?!

Lilly and her best friend when she sees justin bieber the love of her life right in front of her.. ❤


8. rocky

We walked over to Justin’s car he opened the door for me and I thanked him then he ran around and got in. We started on our way to Justin’s house he had one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand was holding mine. I never thought that Justin Bieber would hold my hand but I never thought I would ever meet him. Is this all just a dream?

“What’s on your mind?” Justin asked sweetly

“It’s just I never thought I would meet you ever but know I’m going to your house and holding your hand it just doesn’t seem real.” I said

Then Justin kissed my hand.

“Well it is” he said smiling

A little while later Justin turned on the radio.

“Do you mind?” he asked

“Nope” I replied

He started singing along to the song. His voice was even better in person. It was like an angel’s voice.

“Aren’t you going to sing?” he asked smiling

I laughed and sang with him even though I was really bad. We kept singing until Justin pulled into a big driveway with a huge house at the end of it.

“Wow your house is amazing!” I said.

“Thanks” he replied laughing at me because I was staring at it with my mouth wide open in amazement.

We got out of the car and walked up to the big door Justin pulled out a key and opened it up.

“Ladies first” said Justin.

“Thank you” I said while walking in.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” Justin asked

“But your mom said you had to rest.” I replied

“Well laying on the couch watching a movie and cuddling is resting.” He said smiling

“It is isn’t it?” I smiled back.

We went over to the couch where Justin picked out three movies to choose from.

Paranormal activity, 8 mile, and Rocky

“Which one?” he asked

“How about Rocky?” I said

“My favorite” he said as he walked over to put the movie in.

I sat down on the couch and Justin sat on the other side and grabbed the remote. He skipped all the commercials and turned off the lights. Just as the movie started he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me over so I was lying on the couch and he was lying right behind me. Half way through the movie I looked behind my shoulder Justin was smiling with his eyes closed. I turned back to the movie then I felt Justin kiss the back of my neck. I turned my body around so my back was facing the movie. My forehead was on Justin’s. I gave him a quick kiss then pulled away and bit my lip as I stared deep into his eyes. He made a pouty face as I turned back to the movie.

“That’s all?” he asked.

I smiled.

“You need rest remember?” I said.

“I remember” he said still pouting.

I feel asleep in Justin’s arms waking up to the sound of his phone. He grabbed it and answered it.

“Hello? What time is it now? Really its 12 already? Okay I will be there in 20 minutes. Sorry scooter. Okay bye.” He said in a deep sexy morning voice.

“morning babe so I have to go to my photo shoot and interview now and it will be done by six what do you think about coming back over tonight and having dinner and swimming?” he asked

“That sounds perfect” I said

“Can I pick you up at 6:30” he said

“Yeah” I replied

“Great” Justin said as he smiled

“Common I’ll drop you off on my way to the photo shoot” he said as he walked to the door opening it.


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