Justin Bieber? In love with me?!?!

Lilly and her best friend when she sees justin bieber the love of her life right in front of her.. ❤


4. pick up

** Justin’s point of view **

‘Okay here we go’ I thought as I walked up to Lilly’s door.

*knock knock*

Then the door opened and out walked the most beautiful girl in the world….. Lilly! She looked gorgeous with her dirty blonde hair curled perfectly like a waterfall flowing down her back. Her bright blue eyes glistened and all I did was stare into them. Then Rachael came out from behind her.

“Hello gorgeous!” I said to Lilly.

“Tehe thank you” said Rachael.

I didn’t want to be rude so I just played along with it.

“And hello gorgeous number two” I said

Lilly blushed making her look even more beautiful I could have stared at her all day and I was starting to until scooter came out of the car.

“What’s the hold-up?” he asked

“Oh nothing” I replied

“Then let’s go” he said dragging me to the car.

I brought my Ferrari and scooter brought his car. I decided that somebody could ride with scooter so I could show off my awesome ride and sexy date.

“well there’s only room for one person to ride in my car the other will have to ride with scooter” I said hoping  that Lilly would offer to ride with me or that Rachael would offer to ride with scooter don’t get me wrong Rachael is really pretty it’s just Lilly is like a sexy angel.

“I can ride with you Justin!” Rachael said smiling.

I looked at scooter and he instantly knew what I wanted.

“How about you come with me instead we can talk about Justin’s new album” he said

“Um I guess” Rachael replied

“So it looks like Lilly is stuck with me I said as I licked my dry lips and smiled.

“Well if I have to she said sarcastically and then hopped in the car smiling.

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