Justin Bieber? In love with me?!?!

Lilly and her best friend when she sees justin bieber the love of her life right in front of her.. ❤


2. i meet justin!

“No Lilly! It’s not obvious! You don’t want to bother him and seem like a crazy obsessed fan!!” Rachael said.

“But we are crazy obsessed fans?...”

“Well he would get creped out!”

“No he wouldn’t!”

“Yes I think he would!”



“N…” I started to say until I heard a voice behind me.

“Hello ladies” the voice said.

I turned around to see a perfect face with warm brown eyes and an amazing smile. It was him…. Justin Bieber!

“Hi I’m Lilly and this is Rachael!” I bursted out before Rachael could say anything.

He smiled.

 “Hello Rachael! And heelllooo Lilly” he said still smiling

My heart melted! I couldn’t get over the fact that I was talking to Justin Bieber! THE Justin Bieber the amazing singer and dancer with the perfect everything!

“What are you girls up to this evening?” he asked.

“Nothing really, we might just watch a movie or something” I said trying to act as cool as I could I couldn’t tell just we were going to study or babysit or anything boring like that.

“Well is there any chance you would want to go with scooter and me to a celebrity dinner?” he asked with a hopeful smile.

I looked at Rachael and she looked at me.

“Of course!” I said.

“Great! What’s your number so I can text you the details?” he asked  

I told him my number and then he took my phone and put his in mine.

“Okay! I will text you later” he said as he walked away “can’t wait” he added and then walked into a hat shop.

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