Giv'in Up On Love

Hi, my name is Bobbie and I am expecting a little bundle of joy! I am soo excited, but there is a problem..... I am the assistant makeup artist for One Direction, and they really want to know who the father is but I have no idea. You see I gave up on love quite a while ago, and then my family passed away in a horrible plane crash. I was soo lonely, I had no one so I decided to go the doctors and get pregnant.

Find out more in the story I don't wanna give up the big surprise yet....!


1. First Day

                Uggggggh.....I moaned at the alarm clock. "Why sooo early" I whined. I slowly as ever got up and went to the bathroom, that connected to the side of my bedroom. I looked slowly up into the mirror, I had a healthy pregnancy glow I acquired about a month ago. But then I looked at my hair...... oj a moi, it looked like a rats nest. Then I looked down at my belly, a bump protruded from my hips. I smiled, my baby only mine. I was soo excited to become a mommy! But then I remembered I was going to be late to my first day on the job. So I quickly ran into the room picked out an outfit ( ) , then ran into the bathroom for a quick shower. After my shower, I tore through my pink hair and dried it with my blow drier, and threw it up into a quick up do. Oh Yeah Baby, I was ready. 


(At Work)


               My first day as a makeup artist for One Direction! I was ecstatic. Lou had greeted me very warmly with a huge hug. She asked me if I was pregnant, I nervously said yes. She just smiled at me and said "me too". And now she was taking me to meet the boys, I was a fan but I wasn't going to fan-girl, I am personally more calm and collected. When we entered the room they were all busy playing fifa to realize we were even there. Lou decided it would be best to yell, I covered my ears, damn she was loud. They all looked at her with startled faces, I started to giggle a little bit, boy it was hilarious. Then after my giggle fit Lou introduced me. The first one to greet me was Niall, he gave me a big hug, and whispered "Hi, I'm Niall". "I Know" I whispered back to him. Then it was Louis," Louis" I said in a loud/happy manner. "Bobbie" he Said back as he gave me a hug. Then it was Liam "Ello love" He smiled at me. "Ello Liam" I said mimicking his greeting, he laughed as he pulled me in for a hug. Then it was Zayn "Good afternoon gorgeous" he smiled at me. "Good afternoon to you handsome" I replied back, as I gave him a cheeky smile, and a hug. And last but not least Harry, He smiled gave me a hug and said "Nice to meet you". I replied back with a smile and a "you too"." Sooo" Louis cooed "you are pregnant correct?" Yeah I said to him with a smile "five months". "Who is the lucky daddy" Harry asked. "I don't know." I said to him. "Whaddua mean you don't know" they asked in unison. And here comes the life story I grumbled to myself. 

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