It Started With a Text...

Aili And Roinal are big fans of the biggest boy band... one direction but falling in love with the two most liked members comes at a cost


5. Wait...

(Sorry About No Underlines..... It's deciding not to work!!)


Roinal's Pov

Seeming as harry asked, I might as well go over... i mean Louis' not going to say anything on how i better be good to haz will he? i hope not... I slowly walked over... They must have seen i am anxious but nervous... "Take your time!!! Only have 30mins here you know??" Shouted louis... Yeah He Noticed.... I Picked my speed up, a bit, until finally i had walked to the other side of the room to Louis, Liam, Zayn And Harry.... Aili's over flirting with niall i bet!! "so, your Roinal? Unusual name!" stated Zayn, "Well, um... zayn's not excactly normal" I Answered, "Well Im Not Fully british!" " And Im Not Even British!" "Oh" Was all i got back.... Couldn't he tell... I Have an Irish accent and everything... well, he does sorta live with niall... i guess he's used to it?!


Aili's Pov

"So... Whats it like being an uncle now??" I questioned.... trying not to get too personal... "Well, i've only seen Theo twice... I miss Him... I miss all of them!" He started getting teary "But them two times were the best! i hope to spend more time with him when the tour finish's... spoil him!" He Carried On. "Im so sorry.... i didnt mean for it to hit you like that!" I stuttered, "Don't worry, Its just, i havn't been home in such along time... i miss Ireland all together! These tours in the Britain are fine for the boys... but we only have about 1 week in Ireland And then 5 Days in northern Ireland! Its just unbearable." He Still continued.... "Tell You What... Why Not Come To Mine In A weeks time... I'll Pay For You... Im Irish.... If You Didn't Guess...I Live At 5 Bóthar Iósaif (Covent Road In Irish Btw, Not My Actually Address I Looked It Up On Google Earth!) Longford Town Co.Longford! Write That Down... You'll Be Welcome Anytime!! Not To Far From Mullingar Either!! We Could Maybe visit your family!" I Informed Him... "RIGHT OOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUTTT!!" Shouted The Security guy. "Wait... Aili, I'd Love To But... You Dont Have To Pay... And Actually We Have A Week Off Starting From Saturday... Maybe You Could Stay With Us Untill Then?!" He Said ASAP, "I'd Love to Niall.... But i'll have to get back to you, im sure it wont take much to convince Roinal. Just My Parents And Plus... You've Already Conviced Me!" I Replied Even Faster! " Where Are You Sat??" " On The Floor row E Seats 50 + 51!" "That's now improved to Row A Seats 1+2 Here Are The Tickets..... Lou Pass 'em forwards!" Louis Handed them to me... As Security pushed us out of the door and locked it! 

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