It Started With a Text...

Aili And Roinal are big fans of the biggest boy band... one direction but falling in love with the two most liked members comes at a cost


11. something more... interesting...

No ones POV

As soon as aili left niall, he headed straight for the phone. He scrolled through and found Harry's number.

(H-Harry N-Niall)

H- hello?

N- howdy, haz we need something more interesting than the cinema.. I tink I really like Aili, and I don't want to end here!

H- I was thinking the exact same thing, oh, an Nialler, I asked roinal to be my girlfriend..

N- really? What'd she say?

H- yes obviously.

With that Niall hung up. He headed to his dresser and put on black skinnies, a white loose tank top, white supras and a red SnapBack. The thought of Aili still lingering in his head, so did a great way to spruce the date.

Cinema then a little get away to his favourite park with a stream running through and a little bridge. Candles across the bridge and a blanket with roses strawberrys dipped in chocolate and all things cheekily cute. Two pairs of wellies, a blue pair and a pink pair to fit ailis tiny feet so they can sit on the side of the stream hand in hand laughing at all things funny.

Niall grabbed is keys, phone and bank card to go buy so stuff for the date. Going out of the hotel through the back he climbed into his range rover driving away to desert any screaming over-reactive fans. He arrived at M&S and hopped out of the car picking up a hand basket for any products as he entered.

He walked down isles and isles before he walked to get the wellies, he had already picked up almost everything else except two cute blankets a picnic basket and the wellies. Niall realised he didn't know ailis foot size and decided to text Harry to ask Roinal.

Harry text back 'size 4'. Niall half smiled at the thought of Ailis dinky feet.

He picked up a pair of preppy pink willies with yellow bath ducks scattered over and himself a pair almost identical just blue. He found the few remaining puzzle pieces for the romantic ending and payed at the cashier, with almost little hassle.

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