It Started With a Text...

Aili And Roinal are big fans of the biggest boy band... one direction but falling in love with the two most liked members comes at a cost


6. Seats 1&2

(Still, underline is not working! sorry...)


Roinal's Pov

Seats one and two.. wow... did Niall want to see Aili again, i guess. But, o'dordy that security guard was strong if Boo Bear didn't hand the tickets over to Aili as fast as he did, i highly doubt, me and Aili wouldn't have got them! "Oh, FYI Roinal, Me and you are staying with the boys until Saturday... then the boys are flying with us home and staying at ours! mum and dad have agreed... i don't see why they have to its our house but, Niall's gonna pay for us to fly home!" Aili Shouted Over millions of screaming fans, "Thats amazayn!" As soon as i'd finished speaking 5SOS Walked On...


~Skipped 5SOS~


Aili's Pov

WOW. 5SOS Were amazing! but its the boys turn now... i wonder how its going to go?! 

"GOOD EVENING LONDON" Liam shouted over screams

"LONDON I WANNA KISS EVER SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!" Zayn screamed, with screams.

"WHERE'S MY CARROT PRINCESSES?! WAIT, YOU MEAN I HAVE TO TURN AROUND?" Louis screamed, munching on a carrot, Whilst A Load Of 'Carrot Princesses' Screamed, Harry stepped forwards, i looked at roinal her eyes glowed, no litrally she had UV Contacts in, "CUTE AS A BUTTON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU" Harry screamed... or should i say marcel! Girls Screamed..


"TURDY SEVENNNNNNN" Niall said Droning the 'en', walking onto stage, by now loads of girls were screaming... the girls next to us were crying! 

Louis turned to liam And said Into his mic "liam, did you know that Our two singletons have bagsied a date tonight... and that NIALL AND HARRY'S FUTURE GIRLFRIENDS are in the audience!"  By now me and roinal were obviously really confused... but so were many 'Crazy MOFOS', "No. louis i didnt.'' Liam said smiling at me. I Turned to face roinal to see her bright red cheeks. Wait. her cheeks aren't normally red. Ahaa, shes blushing. Harry and Niall walked towards us and reached out there hands pulling us on stage. Obviously they knew about this.

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