It Started With a Text...

Aili And Roinal are big fans of the biggest boy band... one direction but falling in love with the two most liked members comes at a cost


7. Nervous...

Nialls P.O.V

As I walked on I instantly saw Aili and Roinal both with smiles, ear to ear, looking up at us all. As soon as our eyes connected, the eye contact wasn't broken. I smiled down at her and knew of Liam and Louis' plan, since finding out i've had this gut feeling that after the gig they are going to kill us... i mean we've only just met them, they know quite a lot about us, yet we know nothing about them, all we have is a name and a number. When Louis and liam started talking about our dates so many girls in the crowd looked disappointed, i always feel so bad when you can tell a persons feelings by their facial expressions... i looked over to Aili to try and read her facial expressions and didnt get anything. we walked over and pulled the girls on stage, now her face was clearer i could tell she didnt like it...  "sorry..." i whispered in her ear kissing her cheek. she looked at me with guilt and happiness and nodded "its ok, im fine!."


Ailis P.O.V

oh my god.... theres so many people. how do the boys do it? Niall just kissed me. NIALL FRECKING HORAN JUST KISSED ME... Fangirl much?! Just then, a microphone was passed to me and roinal... woah, shit. they want us to talk? dont think so. 

"So girls?" louis questioned,

"what are your names?" liam asked like he knew nothing.

"I'm Roinal!" roinal chirpily squeaked.

"An-nd im A-Aili!" I stuttered. 

"Gorgeous names for gorgeous faces!" Zayn replied smiling. The boys started to sing na na na.... i love that song. 

Harrys P.O.V

Errmahhgawwd... was all i thought when i saw Roinal again. She looked more stunning than ever on stage. "Hey Gorgeous!" I Said kissing her smack bam on her lips wraping my hands round her waist as she wrapped hers round my neck intensifying the kiss a little... until Niall tapped me on the shoulder that was. I Just gave him the What-was-that-for look. 



(Still harrys POV)


Its been two hours since i kissed roinal and i just want to kiss her more... Friday Hurry Your Ass. Well, Its Friday tomorrow so what the heck. she gorgeous... that necklace at just the right length to stare at her "-Harry? You still there?" she asked waving her hand infront of my face. "Yeah still here beautiful!" I winked cheekily at her. "good!" she smiled placing her hands round my waist snuggling her head on my shoulder., "im tired" she whispered in my ear. Thats a good thing... i get to take her back to hotel just us too and snuggle close whilst i watch her chest rise every five seconds in time with maybe a little cute snore. "Styles cut fantasying will you?" louis shouted causing Roinal To Jump. "Am not fantasying!" i whisper shouted back, dont know why i whisper shouted it... i just did. "harry, can we go? im going to fall asleep in a minute!" Roinal Whispered in my ear causing my spine to shiver "Of Corse Beauty-full!" i whispered causing her to giggle as she rested her head back on my shoulder. we made our way to my car and drove for about ten minutes to the hotel. i Felt bad but i had to wake roinal as she fell asleep in the car on the way here... she didnt wake so i swooped her bridle style up to mine... now our, room. I Set Her In our bed slipped off her shoes, jewellery and unzipped her dress putting in one of my shirts that hung off of her tiny frail body.

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