It Started With a Text...

Aili And Roinal are big fans of the biggest boy band... one direction but falling in love with the two most liked members comes at a cost


10. Getting stares....

Niall's P.O.V

The taste of Aili's lips on mine is incredible. I wish we could be stuck in this moment for the rest of our lives... its wonderful. Aili moved her head away as she got up she asked

'Umm, Niall, the dates three hours away and i think i should be going to get ready...'

I got up and followed her to the door.

'Of course Aili,' I answered. I pulled her into a quick hug she kissed my cheek and left for her room.

i slowly made My way back into the room and jumped onto the bed, just as the sweetest idea popped into My head.


Aili's P.O.V

I walked into my room and found the bathroom. Making my way to the sink i looked into the mirror and realized just how terrible i looked. 'Eww, how could niall want me?' I questioned the figure in the mirror waiting for an answer i was never going to get. My eyes led to my wrist and lower arm where around 75 scars lay, some fresh from a few days ago. Yes, i self harm, i get bullied and am scarily anorexic, i'm sorry, i cant help it. I dug for my wash bag in my small travel bag and got out my tooth brush, i brushed my teeth, washed last nights make up off and put a new layer on... i don't put that much on i just put more than average on... I'm really insecure if that helps also. That's why i wonder how.

How niall wants me?

How Niall chose me?

How Niall asked me out?

How im still here?

But don't you worry to much about the last one.

I made my way out of the bathroom and emptied the contents of my bag on the bed and realized that i only actually have two outfits and one of them was the one i wore last night. I got my phone of the dresser and rang Roinal so we could go emergency shopping with our emergency credit cards.

Roinal answered and said that she was just about to ring to go too. we called a Taxi and drove into Dublin town centre. we jumped out of the taxi and got a few stares as if the people recognized us... That's the thing... they did recognize us... from last nights concert... we were on stage of course that was going to get round.

As we walked to find a shop we liked we had fingers pointed at us, sly comments made, nice comments made and a few pictures... It's a weird feeling that i don't think me or Roinal can explain... it's just... Weird ya'know.

Roinal's P.O.V

Wow... this is a strange feeling... people are making comments on me and Aili... asking for pictures... pointing... staring... Its quite peculiar. 

So many people started to follow us into shops, and buy stuff we picked up but put back because it looked weird on us or didn't look right. 

Myself and Aili walked into New look... OUR FAVORITE SHOP OF ALL TIME... And found the perfect outfit's for our date tonight. I think Aili's amazing (Go on my polyvore * bananalover2000 * and you'll find the outfit.) And she thinks the same of me. 

We jump in the taxi back to the hotel and get ready in Aili's room. Soon it was 7pm and it was time for us to visit the cinema with the boys and their dates. 

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