It Started With a Text...

Aili And Roinal are big fans of the biggest boy band... one direction but falling in love with the two most liked members comes at a cost


9. Fun times.

Aili's P.O.V

*Last night niall book you your own room ,the one next to the one he was staying in, in the hotel he was staying in. You stayed in his room till around 4 this morning but left as you almost fell asleep. You and niall were snap chatting each other till around 6 but stopped as you fell asleep.You woke this morning to a ringing from your phone saying you had just received another snap from someone. Niall. He wants you to go back to his room... Obviously you cant say no.*

*In Niall's room*

'morning!' Niall's voice sings filling the room.

'Good morning demanding! how was your night?' you ask trying to be funny.

Niall's pulls you closer by not even touching you but by luring you in by his finger. you get so close you can feel his body heat as you lie next to him on his bed. 'Would be so much better if-' Niall teased trailing off. 'If what?' you question... 'If...' niall says raising his hands to your waist, 'IF I COULD HERE YOU GIGGLE AS I TICKLE YOU!' He screams Tickling your waist... you couldn't help but scream in a giggle fit as you try and squirm out of his reach, not realizing how strong he actually is. 'Sorry honey, no escape here,' Niall says as he stops tickling you but rest his hands on your waist, slowly moving his head closer to yours, his lips even closer... Your lips connect and your bodies move in sync, all you've ever wanted was this... this one kiss... the best kiss in the world.. and your getting it...

'YOU GO GIRL.' Roinal screams as her and harry walk into the room. Niall jumps back a bit as you both blush crimson.

'Haz.. Knock next time!' Niall asks politely...

Harry giggles 'don't worry i will next time... this is not a sight for our young eyes!' at that moment in time you were wishing you weren't there... but you were so you'd have to deal with it. 

'It's not like you'se too haven't done anything... you slept together last night!' you try and shout but it comes out a whisper as your still a little breath taken. 

'SLEPT IN THE SAME BED... NOT THE SAME BODY.' Harry shouts pointing at you. Harry and Roinal sassy click in a z formation and stomp out the room slamming the door.

'should we finish up?' Niall asks moving closer for a second kiss..

'I don't see why not!' You say as you lips connect once more

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