It Started With a Text...

Aili And Roinal are big fans of the biggest boy band... one direction but falling in love with the two most liked members comes at a cost


8. Cheeky Haz...

Roinals P.O.V

Whoa... where am i? The last i remember was getting into harry's car... Harry. How did i get into this shirt that smells so strongly of harry's Cologne... Harry. In This gorgeous room in this gorgeous bed next to this gorgeous topless body... Harry's gorgeous topless body. 

He was still asleep so i placed my finger on the tip of the birds beak and traced round it with my finger, his body's so warm i just him to wake up.... i want it to be this afternoon so i can sit next to him whilst holding his hand jumping at scary bits that pop up of the film. 

"morning beautiful" harry's morning voice is just... ugh. to die for.

"Morning handsome... Nice sleep?" I Questioned moving a piece of hair from his face. 

"would have been better if you kissed me good night!" harry grinned.

I Lent forwards and kissed him. he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me on top of him, whilst mine carelessly hold softly onto his hair. He licks my lips asking for entrance with his tongue.... i just grin as his tongue has a little war with mine.

I slowly pull away and ask ' How was that Good morning Kiss?'

'Amazing... Just Like You!' harry winks.

My cheeks start to glow, harry notices and kisses them softly.

'Roinal.... Can I ask you a question?' harry questioned with nervous expression.

'Of course haz, what is it?' I Say unwrapping my arm off of his bare body.

'I Know i don't know you well but, i feel like I've known you for ever and since the moment i first met you i loved you inside and out...' 'Continue...' 'Roinal Ebony Bell Eaton Lilian (R.E.B.E.L) Will you be my girlfriend?' Harry Chokes.

' Yes yes yes yes yes yes a million yes's!' I smile kissing harry.


Harry's P.O.V

She said yes! Finally. but still, there's one thing uncertain... what if this doesn't go to plan? what if she doesn't like me as much as she thought? what if she falls for one of the other boys? what if... 

OK So that was more than one thing uncertain and that's just Roinal's opinion...

what if i don't fancy her? what if the date goes terrible? what if a rumor starts? like the one of me being a bad boy player... which im not by the way... I'm not a player... Am i?


'what if?' I Mumble to myself.

'what was that haz?' Roinal questions propping herself up by her arms.

'Nothing-' i smile 'Nothing at all' manages to find itself a whisper.

Was that the right choice of my life? i ask myself. 'if it is... i think it will be the best.


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