Blood Lust ( One Direction Vampires )

Run. Just run. Don't look back. Casey ran from Harry 'cause there's a secret she knows and he doesn't want anyone to find out. He and the boys are vampires, and she's scared to death. She falls for one of them and they might fall for her. ( Please comment what you think )


4. This Can't Be True...

Harry's P.O.V.

        I was still thinking over the events of what happened yesterday. I guess I don't know what I feel, I'm relieved that my baby is okay, but slightly angry with her for not bringing me, and poisoning me. But what matters is that she's okay. I'm gonna kill that skunk bag for killing the people she loves. Why the hell would he do something like that ? Casey stirred on my chest in her sleep, must be having a bad dream. I stroked her arm soft and slow. She stopped stirring and I smiled. I'm very happy to know that I can take her fear away.

Casey's P.O.V.

      Run. Don't look back. I ran from Harry as his fangs came out. " You can run but you can't hide ! " Yelled Harry. I was clutching the bite mark on my wrist from Harry. His inner vampire has taken over and nothing's working to get my Harry back. " Someone help ! " I screamed. " LIAM HELP ME ! " I yelled to Liam. He looked at me with apologetic eyes and his fangs came out to. He ran at me along with the other boys. Zayn caught me bit into my neck. Harry continued at my wrist, Louis bit my other wrist. Liam bit my thigh and Niall bit my stomach. I thrashed against them but it only hurt worse. My sight was getting blurry and I felt myself slowly sliding to the ground.

Harry's P.O.V.

     I watched her dream and it shocked me. Not only can I take her fear away, but I can cause it...  This saddened me greatly.

Casey's P.O.V.

         I opened my eyes and looked at Harry with scared eyes. " What's wrong ? " He asked. " Nothing, it was just a dream. " I whispered. He smiled at kissed my hand. " Come on, let's go out today. Just you and me. " He smirked and we got dressed and walked downstairs. " We'll be back later boys. " Harry called. " Have fun you two. " Louis winked at us. I smiled and rolled my eyes. " Where do you wanna go ? " I ask. He shrugs his shoulders. " How about.... " He smiled to himself and held my hand. We walked to his car and got in.

       " Okay, when we get there, don't look. " He winked at me. " Well how am I supposed to know when we get there ? " I giggled. " I'll tell you. " He smirked and started driving. About a half hour later, Harry tells me to close my eyes. I do, and when I open them again, the scene in front of me is beautiful. We're at a garden place. There's beautiful bushes in the shapes of hearts and spades. It's really cool ! " Harry, this is beautiful ! " I say. He smiles and hands me a white rose. " Oh, Harry. " I whisper. He takes my hand and we walk through the garden.

     " Would you like to go out to dinner with me ? " I ask. He looks at me with a face that says, ' Are you kidding ? ' I giggle. " Of course I would. I'd never miss it. " He kisses the side of my head. We go to the drive thru of Wendy's ( hahaha ). We got back and there was shouting in the house. We walked through the door and what I saw made me scream. Harry grabbed me and put me behind him, blocking me from Nathan. He lunged at Harry, but he threw him off. He looked at me and his eyes turned black. " Can I kill him  ? " Harry asked me.I stood there shocked, Harry was scaring me.

    " You're scaring me Harry. " I say. He whips his head around and his fangs came out. I whimpered. Liam touched my shoulder and whispered in my ear, " Don't worry, he's only like this because you're being threatened.He's not gonna hurt you.  You should answer him before he does something stupid. " Then he backs away. I looked at Harry and answered, " Give me a moment alone to speak with him. " I say. Harry looks completely ticked. He nods his head and all the boys leave. " Do you know what's gonna happen to you ? " I ask Nathan. He looks up and shakes his head yes. " Can I at least get one more hug from you ? " He asks. I nod and walk over to his weak body.

     He stands up and wraps his arms around me rather tightly. I grab his shoulders. He picks me up and throws me very hard into the coffee table head first. I black out almost immediately after it happens but I scream very loud first. The last thing I remember seeing is Harry crying. I hear whispering around me. I move a tiny bit and hear Harry, " Casey ! Love don't move. " He sounds like he's been crying. " What's wrong Harry ? " I ask with my eyes still closed. He sobs, " I should've done something, anything, but it wouldn't work. Casey, I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry. " He cries even harder. I hear sniffling. " Boys ? " I call out. " We're all here sweetheart. We'll take good care of you, I promise. " Zayn says. " What ? What's wrong with me ? "

     I hear even more sobbing and get scared. " Open your eyes love. " Harry cries. I do but all I see is pitch black. What ? " I can't open my eyes ! " I panic. There's harder sobbing. " They are open love. You're b-b-blind. " Harry cries. I start sobbing very loudly and rub my eyes. " NOO ! THIS COULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED ! I WON'T BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES ! " I scream. I feel someone grab my hand they squeeze it a way only Harry can so I know it's him. " Harry. " I cry his name. " I'm here love. " He says trying to stay strong. I clutch his hand to my heart. He puts his forehead to mine. " I love you. " He says. I smile. " I love you more. "

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