Blood Lust ( One Direction Vampires )

Run. Just run. Don't look back. Casey ran from Harry 'cause there's a secret she knows and he doesn't want anyone to find out. He and the boys are vampires, and she's scared to death. She falls for one of them and they might fall for her. ( Please comment what you think )


8. The Cottage

Harry's P.O.V.

          Casey was still asleep on Ed and I. She looked so cute ! I smiled to myself. I kept thinking about what Ed had said about The Wanted kidnapping and torturing Casey. The thought of them even 50 feet away from her made me angry let alone torture her. Liam was driving as always. It's not too far. Only about an hour or so. Casey moaned in her sleep, which made Ed start to giggle. I guess it was pretty funny, but I wonder what she's dreaming about.

- Casey's Dream -

" Come on Harry we're gonna be late ! " I screamed at him. I didn't want to be late for this, I'd regret it forever ! " I'm coming I'm coming. " He said. " Please hurry ! " I whined. He looked at me dead in the eyes. " Who has the vampire speed ? Me ! So I could really be waiting on you woman ! " He shouted while pouting. I tried  to make a face full of hurt. It didn't work though. The sucker read my mind !

We finally pull up to the lot and I jump out of his car. " Babe wait ! " He shouted. I motioned for him to come. I dragged him inside and once we found our seats the ceremony started. " We made it just in time ! " I whisper to Harry. He sighs like he's out of breath. A woman walks out onto the stage and she looks strict. How nice is that ? She clears her throat into the microphone to tell everyone to be quiet.

" Good evening. Let us begin, " She starts off. I groan. This is gonna take awhile." Now, I would like to congratulate all of the following who will be receiving awards tonight. Let's go in alphabetical order by last names. " I tuned out until she got to the letter " S ". " These next awards go to personally one of my favorite students. She has gotten into zero trouble or have had any problems with peers. "

She smiles at her. " For achieving Perfect Attendance, Distinguished Scholar, Sportsman Ship, and last but not least Best Student of the Year, I am very gladly to present these awards to the lovely Lexi Styles ! " She applauds. I look over at Harry and he looks proud. I cry tears of joy and smile at my beautiful daughter. She's now 17. Time has flown by too fast. She smiles and waves at us. I'm now a vampire. I love my life.

- End of Dream -

           I smile at her dream. I feel very happy that she thinks of what our future will look like. I stroke her head. She's still asleep but she leans her head into my head. Awe ! We finally arrive. I gently shake her. " Casey ? Casey love it's time to wake up we're here. " I say.

Casey's P.O.V.

            I groan. " 10 more minutes. " I say sleepily. Harry chuckles and lifts me up bridal style. He walks into a threshold and lays me down on a very soft and comfortable bed. " You can go back to sleep now if you want love. I'll be in either the kitchen or the family room. " He whispers and kisses my head. " I love you. " I say and look sideways at him lol. He smiles and his eyes are filled with passion. " I love you more. " He whispers, then he walks away. I smile to myself and try to go back to sleep. I can't so I just lay there thinking about whatever pops into my head. There's a question that I've never really thought of.

            I walk down the hall looking for Harry. This place is really beautiful. There are stone fireplaces, soft beds, a pool out back, a garden, it's just beautiful. And there's no one else around here. It's a cottage. I smile and find Harry. " Harry ? " I call out. He's over to me in a millisecond. " What is it love ? " He asks. I think for a moment. " Well, I've been wandering, how old you guys are. " I whisper. The noise in the family room stops and it's so silent you could hear a pin drop. I blush with embarrassment. He whispers so low that I can barely hear him, but quiet enough that the other vampires can't hear it.

          " We are thousands of years old. " Then he takes my hand and leads me into the family room. " Well good morning. " Ed says. I smile at him and give him a hug. " There we go that's better. " He winks at me. I look at the pool in the back. It looks tempting, but I don't know how cold it is. I see Niall start to smirk at me. I look at him confused. It goes by as a blur when he runs vampire speed at me. We're out the back door and he's holding me over the edge. " NIALL NO. PUT ME DOWN ! " I shout at him. He snickers and leans me closer and closer until my hair's wet. The other boys are running towards us so he throws me in.

           I don't have time to react but the water is bone chillingly cold. I try to get out but it's so cold that I'm like paralyzed. I lift my hand to call for help, but no one comes at first. They're all high-fiving Niall. " Guys ! " I scream even though I don't think it's that loud. They look at me. Zayn comes to my rescue. Once he feels me he flinches. " Geez ! How cold is that water ?! " He shouts. Niall puts his finger in and he gets a chill. He looks at me and smiles but an apologetic smile.

            " Sorry, Casey. I didn't realize how cold it was. " He says. I just nod at him. I'm shaking so violently into Zayn's chest. " Z-Zayn you can p-put m-me d-down. " I stutter. He shakes his head no. " I'm taking you to Hazz. " He says. " T-Thanks Z-Zayn. " I say. He kisses my forehead. " Anytime, sweetheart. " He smiles and brings me to Harry's room.

        Harry opens the door immediately and he looks horrified when he sees me. " Here you go mate. She might need a hot bath/ shower. " Zayn smiles and walks away. Harry brings me to the bathroom and takes off my shirt and pants. He takes in every inch of me, remembering it. " Okay, I'll be out here when you're done. " He says and kisses me. I smile in the kiss and grab his curls and kiss him again.

           Then I take a hot bath since my legs kind of hurt. I close my eyes and relax myself. I'm covered in bubbles thank goodness 'cause Harry walks in the bathroom then smiling at me. The bathroom is beautiful. A nice big tub like a jechuzey. A double sink, and big shower.

        " Now, are you gonna tell me what happened ? " He asked. I shook my head yes. " Niall threw me into the pool and it was freezing. " I answer. Harry giggles. " Only Niall. " He whispers. " Can you hand me my clothes please ? " I ask. He nods his head and is back in a second.  He leaves and I quickly change and drain the tub. I walk out of the bathroom and caught off guard when Harry throws me on the bed.

              He starts kissing me but I don't kiss back for a minute 'cause I'm shocked. I kiss back and he smiles. He's holding my back with his arm and his other hand is holding my face still. He kisses me until I have to hold back for a few minutes. " Harry, let me breathe please. " I say breathless. He laughs. " Okay, fine. " He playfully bites my neck. He found my sweet spot, right underneath my jaw, under my ear, on the middle of my neck. He kisses and nudges my head to the side.

         I close my eyes and smile. Then I break the connection of him and my neck and reattach him to my lips. This time he smiles and brings me closer to him. I take his shirt off and it reveals all of his tattoos. I feel his abs and kiss him harder. He lays me down on my back and removes the hair from my face. " You're so beautiful. " He whispers. I smile and close my eyes. " Maybe. " I whisper. Everyone always told me how ugly I was, but Harry made me feel different, happy about myself. It's about 11pm so I get under the covers. Harry slides in next to me and I cuddle close to him. " Good night beautiful. " He whispers and slowly kisses my cheek. We fall asleep on the most amazing bed ever ! Lol.

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